Effective And Positive Demonstrative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative communication could include several different forms of nonverbal and unwritten communication. Some of those forms of communication are facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language. When using one of these forms, it is important that you use effective and positive demonstrative communication so as not to be ineffective and negative. One must listen carefully and respond accordingly in order to get the right point across or it could be misconstrued.
Take for example a handshake. A handshake can give one person a first impression of another person. If you have a good, firm, positive handshake accompanied with a welcoming smile while making eye contact this might tell the other person that you are here as an equal but are confident and unintimidated. A sloppy, limp, sweaty handshake says that you are nervous, maybe slightly insecure with the meeting, and are not putting yourself on an equal level so as to be heard by the other person. This is one of the first forms of body language one sees (experiences) when being introduced to or greeting another person.
Usually followed by a handshake is a verbal “hello.” If this greeting starts off weak or by not being confident with one’s tone of voice, then the other person has more than likely already made a first impression that the whole meeting will be weak rather than strong and confident. Whether greeting someone, or presenting a topic to a group, one’s tone of voice is very important. If one talks too soft, too fast, or doesn’t speak in a concise manner, the audience, person, or group may not get the full value and meaning of what’s trying to be said. Others may miss important information or become bored with a monotone or low voice and block or tune out information being presented to them.
When presenting, it is important that one maintains focus on their audience and reads body language and facial expressions. Positive body language can be anywhere from appearing settled, interested, taking notes, attentive, and alert to involving one’s self in the conversation by asking questions or wanting further information on the topic of interest. Negative body language can be anywhere from appearing fidgety, bored, sleepy eyes, restless, checking one’s clock or watch, “doodling” on paper, uninterested, and taking calls to something as gruff as standing up and walking out of the room without excusing one’s self.
Sometimes facial expressions can be worth a million words. There are many people that talk almost entirely with their face. Whether interested, disappointed, or completely bored one can sometimes see what a person is feeling...

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