Demonstrative Speech

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Samantha McCollumProfessor SiwikCOMS 101March 11, 2013Demonstration OutlineIntroduction:How many of you have heard of flat footing, buck dancing, jigging, or clog dancing?All of these names apply to the same style of dancing most commonly known as clogging.My mom has been a dancer since she has a kid.I am an expert thanks to my mom teaching me how to clog.I will pass on to you how to pick out proper shoes, correct posture for dancing, and some basic steps.Body:Proper shoes are a necessity.Clogs are different from tap shoes.The fit of the shoe must be tight.Pick out a color based on how you plan to express the dance.Good posture insures better execution of certain moves.Stand tall with knees slightly bent.Do not be stiff.Basic steps are easy to learn and can be done to almost any kind of music.Double-step-rock-step is the most basic move of all the basics.The Grape Vine has many variations that enable both beginners and advanced cloggers to enjoy dance.Show a video.Conclusion:Know you know the basics of clogging.I have taught you how to pick how proper shoes, the correct posture for dancing, and some basic moves that can be done to almost any song.Clogging is a great form of exercise that is super fun to do!What is Clog Dancing?Written by Jake FullerIn the U.S., clog dancing or clogging, as it is sometimes known, takes its origins from square dancing. This is not where or how clogging began however. It is not quite clear but clogging may have been developed as long ago as the 1400s, which would make it one of the oldest types of dancing still in existence since its creation. Clog dancing is the official name but many people refer to it as clogging.Before coming to be known as clogging or clog dancing, there was bluegrass dancing. This type of dance was done to music that often included the fiddle and was affectionately referred to as old time music for its many different steps and taps. African, German, Irish and English dances can all be somewhat identified in clogging, which is something of a mixture of moves from all of these backgrounds.So what then, is clogging and how is it different from other types of dances?...

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3492 words - 14 pages empirical claims consists in the warrant from experience for those claims we introduce in their support. In Book IV (On method) of his Institutio Logica, Pierre Gassendi proposes an unusual venue for probable and nondeductive inference in empirical reasoning: demonstrative syllogism. Thus, in 'resolution'—the seeking of a thing's causes given the evidence of its effects—he recognizes the critical role of inferring general claims from the particulars

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1946 words - 8 pages proposition are the noun substantive and the verb. The combination of words gives rise to rational speech and thought, conveys a meaning both in its parts and as a whole. Such thought may take many forms, but logic considers only demonstrative forms which express truth and falsehood. The truth or falsity of propositions is determined by their agreement or disagreement with the facts they represent. Thus propositions are either affirmative or

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