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When referring to computer science the purest mean of the phrase 'Denial of Service' was as it sounds, denying service or access to those were not authorized. Today Denial of Service takes on a whole new meaning instead of keeping computer secure it's a tool used to cause destruction. DoS (Denial of Service) is an attack in which an internet resource, network, or computer is rendered useless. This attack is accomplished by sending an unmanageable amount of data that causes systems to overload and sometimes crash. The targeted system could be anything from a singular computer(although not a very useful attack), to IRC servers, email services, or websites. The from or method of the attack can vary as a DoS attack is not particular, but the result is always the same. The victim is slowed down, some might say artificially, and the resource is then either completely unavailable or lacking the speed to accomplish anything in a reasonable amount of time. The following are the more common ways in which a system is slowed or stopped(Wikepedia Encyclopedia):1. Consumption of computational resources, such as bandwidth, disk space, or CPU time2. Disruption of configuration information, such as routing information3. Disruption of physical network componentsThe DoS attack is most often directed to servers which are flooded with useless traffic which then brings the entire network to it's knees. Like viruses there are security fixes that are created to protect against the attacks but as new security measures come out, just like viruses, new DoS attacks are developed. As servers have rapidly grown in size and ability the attacks have had to grow as well. The result is Distributed Denial of Service attacks or DDoS. Some common forms of DoS attacks are:1. Buffer Overflow2. SYN3. Teardrop4. Smurf5. Viruses6. Physical InfrastructureThe following figure is a visual representation of a DDoS attack. The Client computer is used by the person directing the attack. Using their computer they use programs on the Handler systems. These Handlers are then capable of controlling multiple other computers or agents. The Agent is a host that has been broken into and used without permission. By running a special program on each of the Agents the attacker then generates streams of packets on each Agent and directs these packets to the...

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873 words - 4 pages at 44%, laptop/mobile device theft at 42%, unauthorized access with 29%, and denial of service (DoS) attacks at 21% (Robert Richardson, 2008, p.15). The fact that virus infection was the highest reported security incident has a couple likely causes. The first likely cause is lack of an email security policy or employees who ignore the policy. Traditionally email has been the most likely vector of computer virus transmission, but more recently


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1817 words - 7 pages to use it. Another threat to the network is the possibility of a denial of service (DoS) attack. DoS attacks can happen without warning and cannot be avoided when the network is connected to the internet for the company to function. The strategies of acceptance and avoidance cannot be used for DoS attacks since the company needs the internet for daily use and not protecting the network is not an acceptable risk since the damages of a DoS attack

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991 words - 4 pages architectural design to protect Web servers from a commonly known Denial of Service (DOS) attack DOS attacks are very common and hard to prevent. I would use a web application firewall in my architectural design to help protect my Web Servers from DOS attacks. The web application firewall would offer protection by its process of inspecting all of the HTTP traffic to help prevent web applications exploits. The firewall checks the transmitted and received

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