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1Joel SalasDenmarkNyangoro, ClaudettePrinciples of MacroeconomicsDenmark or the "Kingdom of Denmark" is the country I chose. It is located innorthern Europe, southwest of Sweden. Denmark is frequently ranked as the happiest country in the world. Along with this paper about Denmark, I will be sharing the statistical information on Denmark. Including amongst this information I will be revealing such statistics on the unemployment, inflation and GDP. I will also be sharing some geographical information on the country and some of its main attractions. Afterwards I will be writing on how the economy performs and what it is projected to be.Denmark, is a sovereign state The Kingdom has a population of around 5.6 million inhabitants, Denmark consists of a temperate climate, mostly and humid and overcast; mild, windy winters and cool summers. The terrain is low and flat as well. Denmark's known natural resources are petroleum, natural gas, fish, salt, limestone, chalk, stone, gravel and sand. The national language, Danish, is closely related to and mutually intelligible with Swedish and Norwegian. The Kingdom of Denmark is a unitary constitutional monarchy with Margaret II as queen regnant, organized in a parliamentary democracy. The government resides in the capital of Copenhagen. Denmark. Scandinavian, Inuit, Faroese, German, Turkish, Iranian, SomaliEvangelical Lutheran (official) 95% other Christian (includes Protestant and Roman Catholic) 3%, Muslim 2%Unemployment.
Unemployment Rate in Denmark lowered to 4.30 percent in December of 2013 from 4.40 percent in November of 2013. The unemployment rate in Denmark averaged 7.18 Percent from 1980 until 2013, reaching an all time high of 12.90 Percent in April of 1994 and a record low of 1.70 Percent in May of 2008. In Denmark, the unemployment rate measures the number of people actively looking for a job as a percentage of the labor force.

Full-time unemployed persons by sex, country of origin, region and time








Denmark, total

All Denmark

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DENMARK GDPThe (GDP) in Denmark was worth 314.20 billion US dollars in 2012. The GDP value of Denmark represents 0.51 percent of the world economy. Denmark GDP...

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