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Dental Essay

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Enamels appearance is semi translucent and the external color is a bluish white. The anatomical crown of the tooth is wrapped in enamel. Healthy teeth have crowns are a yellowish white due to the underlying dentine modifying the enamel so the bluish color only appears on unworn incisors and is seen only on the intact tooth edges. Enamel has so much strength it is recognized as the hardest tissue in the body but the properties of enamel differ depending on the locations with the tissue. For example, subsurface enamel is weaker than the harder surface enamel. Probability of fractures are minimalized by the flexibility and support of the underlying dentine as well as the fact that enamels have high modules of elasticity. On the contrary, enamels are brittle and have low tensile. The appearance of enamel is altered by procedures such as mounting, decalcification, and sectioning making the composition and structure of enamel difficult to understand due to the technical difficulties from the preparation for the tissue for examination. Large numbers of hydroxyapatite crystals are what comprise mammalian enamel and showcased in the basic histology of the prisms displayed that each prism contains multiple hydroxyapatite. In particular surface enamel, is highly recognized for its immense importance on the adhesion of plastic restorative materials as well as, its initiation of dental caries. Subsurface enamel a surface enamel differ greatly in respect to the fact surface enamel is harder, less soluble, has more radio-opaque, and less porous. Other than, human teeth containing prismatic enamel there are other forms of enamel found in various animals and they are aprismatic, enameloid, and tubular enamel. Enameloid in fish is the tissue that tops the dentine of the teeth and is also found in larval amphibians. The tissue is different from the other types of enamel because it is not derived ectodermally instead it is derived mesodermally. Most marsupials have the specialized from of prismatic enamel known ad tubular enamel some other species that might contain tubular enamel are lemurs, insectivores, and many other placental mammals. If there are no random changes to the orientation of the crystal and the arrangement of all the crystals angels to the enamel surface creating a parallel arrange it results in aprismatic enamel.
When observing the comparative anatomy of the dentine first one must recognizes the two types found in living vertebrates which are the vasodentine and the orthodentine. Vasodentine contains vascular channels inside of it and is described as being devoid tubules. The presence of tubules within the tissue is known and recognized as orthodentine. The crown of the tooth is given its color by dentine because of the enamel is semi-translucent, therefore pale yellow from the dentine is there reason the crown of the tooth is pale yellow. A majority of dentine is composed of inorganic materials which comprises seventy perfect and twenty...

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