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In the oral cavity the ducts of the tubuloacinar, merocrine, and exocrine glands that’s compound the salivary gland open. The salivary gland has more than one tubule entering the main duct so it is referred to as being a compound. The morphology of the secreting cells is described by the tubuloacinar. The secretion of the cell being released is indicated by the merocrine. A gland that secretes onto a free surface would be described by exocrine. Saliva contains a small number of macromolecules and ions and is composed ninety-nine percent of water. The ions and macromolecules perform various functions and saliva has a major role as a lubricant during swallowing, speech, and mastification. Saliva acts as a buffer and consists of minerals both support the maintenance of the dental enamel. The two main elements that are contained in the salivary glands are glandular secretory tissue and the supporting connective tissue. An example of the importance of saliva is how it brings substances into a solution so they can be tasted. Nerve growth as well as, epidermal growth factors are manufactured by the submandibular gland. The largest salivary gland is the parotid gland. Serous acini is what the majority of the gland is composed of. The submandibular gland is the second largest and it makes mixed mucous-serous secretion. The submandibular gland as a greatly structured connective tissue capsule and the mucous acini outnumber he serious acini. Conversely, the sublingual gland differs from the parotid and submandibular gland because it is not a single unit. In fact it is made up of the large segment known as the sublingual gland and a group of minor glands which each of them contain their individual duct system that empty in the sublingual fold. The primary sublingual gland contains a great amount of mucous than serous elements in its mixture. The anatomical regions lingual, palatal, palatoglossal, labial, and buccal are what characterize minor salivary glands all are composed mostly of mucous.
In order to describe the developmental process of dentitions the recognition of the processes of the development of occlusion post-eruption and the processes of tooth eruption need to be considered. The majority of the establishment of full dentitions are recognized and led by three phases. The first phase is referred to as the pre-eruptive stage and it begins with the initiation of tooth development and finishes with the completion of the crown. The second phase of tooth eruption occurs at the beginning of root formation. The third phase occurs when the teeth emerge into the oral cavity.
Four morphological types known as incisors, premolars, and canines, and molars are what compose the mammalian dentition. The dentitions of mammals are typically recognized as being heterodont and diphyodont compared to non-mammalian vertebrates. Heterodont means having teeth of various shapes. Diphyodont means possessing two sets. The ability of masticating food is...

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