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In 1885, a New Orleans dentist named Dr. C. Edmund Kells has a brilliant idea of hiring female assistant. Have female present meant women are no longer needed as chaperon to visit his practice. Dental Assistant on good grammar discusses three important ideas of Susan Adams, Kyle Wiens, Occupational Outlook, and how can I communicate professionally.

According to the Susan Adams and Kyle Wiens article writes for Forbes and Harvard Business Review. Grammar helps people look very intelligent towards life, (Adams). It shows you how to organize your resume for a job, (Adams). The poor grammar shows sloppiness toward an essay or interview for jobs, (Adams). The writer’s integrity determines your reputation, (Adams). Always be serious about your subject matter, (Adams). One rule is to listen and pay attention to others, (Adams). They need to have respect for your readers because it shows that you are thinking about the topic and making an effort, (Adams). Grammar errors make people look unintelligent, (Wiens). People judge a person based on their grammar, (Wiens). Good grammar is credibility because of blog posts, Facebook status, and e-mails, (Wiens). Paints the picture of an employee that need to tell a good report of whom, or what was doing at the job, (Wiens). A person attitude can reflect on the company, business, and agency, (Wiens).

Next, I read on the communication skills that discussed Detail oriented, Interpersonal skills, Listening skills, and Organizational skills. Dental Assistant reads over records, billing, payment, x-rays, and dental instruments. The communication media has to use social media because they are checking Facebook posts, emails, and voice mails with music. The writing requirements are signed, dated renewal form, dental healthcare, workforce survey, and fulfillment of fingerprinting. Dental Assistant is under supervision of dentist and dental hygienists. Assistants need good grammar and editing skills because of subject verb agreement, appositives, main clauses, subordinate clauses, and edit for verb tense, point of view. They need speaking and listening skills for patients in need. Also follow directions from dental hygienist and dentist because they can help treat patients with their emotions, do tasks, and take an...

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