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Dental Caries Essay

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Title: Association Between Calcium Levels and Phosphoric Concentration on the Development of Early Childhood Caries Among Kindergarten-aged Children in Gainesville, Florida

Background and significance-----
Severe Early Childhood Caries (S-ECC) greatly influences the overall health and well-being of young children. Quality of life is reduced amid those diagnosed with S-ECC. This may involve pain, sleep disturbances, as well as changes in behavior. Young children with severe decay can also have alterations in their eating habits in addition to preferences for particular foods. Thus, dental caries that are untreated tend to affect nutritional health. Several reports have disclosed that some ...view middle of the document...

Given the case definition for S-ECC is specific in regards to age, participants must be ≥ 5 years of age. Age-matched free controls will be recruited from the community by means of advertisement. Next, they will assume a dental screening to be performed by a qualified member of the research team. The study participants will be evaluated using the dmft index which is a collective score of decayed, missing, and filled primary teeth. A dmft score of 0 will signify an individual who is considered caries-free.

Database selected or source of patients:
144 kindergarten-aged children with S-ECC will be recruited from UFHealth in Gainesville, Florida on the day of their scheduled dental surgery under general anesthetic. 122 caries-free controls will be recruited from the community.

Experimental Instruments or specific data to be analyzed
Participants will undergo a blood draw for calcium and phosphorus. The participants' parents will complete an interview questionnaire evaluating the child's nutritional habits, practices pertaining to oral health, and demographics of the family.

Research design or experimental protocol
A cross-sectional case-control study will be executed to test the hypothesis that children with S-ECC have lower levels of calcium and phosphoric concentrations than caries-free controls. This study will be approved by the Institutional Review Board at the University of Florida. All parents must provide written informed consent upon recruitment.

Analysis of Data and Statistical Approach
Upon performing the research study the mean age of participants will be...

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