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Oral Health Essay

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Your teeth are very important they show what kind of a person you are. “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond” (Miguel De Cervantes, Don Quixote, 1609). The Quote by Miguel De Cervantes is understandable because one dentist visit will cost you a lot of money. Your oral health is important because is tell how well you take care of teeth. When someone lacks to take the proper steps to maintaining good oral health, bacteria will start to from. Poor oral health can cause serious illness to attack the blood stream.
The bacteria that gum disease is cause from plaque build up. Gum disease can cause the gums to turn black. “Gum Disease was report to be leading cause to other health problems” (American Dental Hygienist Association). When your gums turn black they are starting to rot and your gums will start to become swollen. When brush your teeth and they start to bleed, that will cause the bacteria to enter the blood stream. The bacteria from plaque build up can cause illnesses like heart disease. Gum disease can cause you’re your teeth to become sensitive, making them become loose or removed by the dentist.
The illness that can occur from poor oral health can stroke, an infection in your lungs, and sometimes a heart attack. When you brush you teeth you are suppose to brush the front and back parts of your teeth. When flossing your teeth, you are to floss under the gum line to remove plaque build up. Mouthwash is optional you can use it if you want, because it can be helpful to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. The more you brush and floss the better your overall health will be.
When you go for a dentist visit, the first person you will see is the dental assistant. The dental assistant is who you tell when you are having a problem with your teeth. The dental assistant will ask you question like, “Where is the problem?” or “How long have you been having the problem?” Once the dental assistant has asked all the proper question, a x-ray will be taken. X-rays can help a lot with find a problem in the mouth or body.
To locate the problem or to see how far or bad the problem is a x-ray is required. The x-ray makes it easier for the dentist and dental assistant to diagnose and treat the problem. If there is no problem then the dentist will start cleaning your teeth. During the time you are getting your teeth clean, the dental assistant will remove any build up plaque and add protective coating of fluoride on the teeth (Cavaco). The dental assistant will tell if you are doing something wrong and they will not only tell you but show how to improve your dental technique.
Do you know that cavities are not cause by sugar? The bacteria cause by the acid in your mouth cause the cavities (Kimberly A. Harms DDS, an American Dental Association Consumer Advisor). The sugar from cookies and candy is not the leading cause to tooth decay, but still if you eat too much of them they can still be bad for. Once the bacteria eat away at your...

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