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Dental Hygiene Essay

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As stated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “Each year, more than 30,000 new cases of cancer of the oral cavity and pharynx are diagnosed and over 8,000 deaths due to oral cancer occur.” (CDC). Most adults are unaware that they have periodontal disease or gum disease, this occurs because they do not maintain routine checkups with their dentist. When we insert food and other bacteria into our mouths, it affects our teeth and gums. We need routine dental checkups and cleanings throughout our lives. Dental checkups usually involve x-rays, cleanings, and the examination of the mouth.
Dental health is one of the most important matters in our lives. Without proper dental tonicity, people can obtain dental problems, which can be as severe as death. In order to maintain proper dental care go to your dentist every six months. It is also important to change your toothbrush regularly, floss, use fluoride, and eat healthy foods. Healthy foods may consist of fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, and drinking water is crucial to your dental health by maintaining a moisturized mouth. A moisturized mouth protects our hard and soft oral tissues. Children and adults should know the benefits of maintaining proper oral hygiene while preventing poor oral asepticism.. Not only does good oral hygiene affects our mouth it also affects our overall health.
According to the World Health Organization, “Worldwide, 60-90% of school children and nearly 100% of adults have dental cavities.” (WHO). Many things, like unhealthy eating, not brushing, and flossing and not going, to the dentist cause oral diseases. These diseases affect numerous things including toothaches, the ability to chew, smiles, and not being able to speak properly. In rare cases, you can lose your teeth and tongue from oral diseases. Proper brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist can help prevent these diseases. Important oral diseases are gingivitis, gum disease, oral cancer, and trench mouth.
Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. The Virtual Medical Centre stated, “Gingivitis is present in all mouths.” (VMC). Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gums. Gingivitis is the plaque buildup on the teeth. Plaque is sticky material made of bacteria, mucus, and food. Symptoms are red and swollen gums, bad breath and pain in the gums. Smoking, old age, medications, and diabetes increase the chance of Gingivitis. You can remove this by brushing the teeth, if not treated it can lead to gum disease.
Gum disease is the most common oral disease, it is when the gums become inflamed and the bones become sensitive. “Severe Gum disease or Periodontal disease is found in 15-20% of middle aged (35-44) adults.” (WHO). Gum disease is the plaque buildup that hardens on the teeth, which cannot be removed by brushing the teeth. Gum disease is also associated with diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Gum disease starts showing signs in the ages 30’s or 40’s. Men are more likely to get gum...

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