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Dental Hygiene Philosophy Essay

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As I started my new journey of becoming a dental hygienist, I came into the program with no background of dental. I came into this program with an open mind and willing to embrace new concepts as well as develop new skills. During my time at the Canadian Academy of Dental Hygiene (CADH), I learned that as a dental hygienist that I am committed to promoting and helping each individual achieve their optimal oral health goals. In support of my client’s goals, I may assume any or all of the roles included in the dental hygiene scope of practice. My goal throughout this program was to help my clients achieve their optimal oral health goals through education, health promotion and providing ...view middle of the document...

I continuously keep a safe environment to protect my clients and take the required steps to prevent harm. Being consistent with my client’s medical history to avoid and be prepared for any urgent situations that may occur. As a researcher I conduct a specific need assessment, develop a statement related to the problem, examine, read and criticize a current literature that will provide me with significant information to help me resolve my client’s problem. I then apply evidenced-based findings to develop and implement a strategic plan to address the concern, and finally evaluate the outcomes for my client. As an educator, I educate my clients about their oral health and care options, help them set general health goals, and work in partnership with them to achieve these goals. I explain and demonstrate oral self-care procedures based on individual needs and level of understanding. I also try my best to motivate behavior change and reinforce maintenance of good habits by effectively communicating with the involved clients, their caregivers, and also with the dentists and other healthcare professionals.
Having completed several co-op placements in the dental field during high school, I gained my interest to further explore the dental field. After observing and experiencing the dental...

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