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The dental office floor plan detailed above clearly and cleanly divides the dental space into 3 clear segmented areas: non-clinical (patient and administration), clinical, (dental delivery) and clinical support (supplies, storage, and laboratory). The non-clinical space has the most diverse user traffic patterns since patients and family members, clinical, and non-clinical staff may use this area. This non-clinical space should not be blended with the clinical and clinical support areas. The bottleneck areas are the patient in-take and out-take or registration area of the patient reception desk. Inherently, all dental practices have practice waste, complexity, and variation built into the dental floor plan or the design of the practice. The clinical space has the most diverse and active traffic patterns while the clinical support area has the least.Dental staff members circulate mainly in the clinical and clinical support areas. Both the non-clinical and clinical support area should be focused inward and directed to the clinical areas. The waiting room area should adjoin the clinical area. Similarly, patient bathrooms should not be in the clinical or clinical support areas since they impede practice work flow and activities and also can act as a constraint or ‘bottleneck’ area. Additionally, the staff bathrooms should not be placed into the clinical areas but near the staff break room located.
Practice design has direct relationship to patient flow. A common held belief in dentistry is that there should be a separation between general dentistry and hygiene. This concept has each dental provider working from dedicated ‘general dentistry’ spaces, chairs, and setups and dental hygiene can only perform cleanings in hygiene chairs and rooms. This forms dental ‘departmental walls’ or work areas done by ‘dedicated’ function and creates a lot of walking and patient scheduling delays. The definition of dental inefficiency and ineffectiveness is when staff members walk from the end of one hallway to another to tell the dentist...

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