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Dental Team Essay

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Dentists are medical professional who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and condition of the oral cavity. The dental team is formed of dental assistants, dental hygienists, and dental laboratory technician. Dental assistants assist the dentist by preparing the patient for treatment. During the procedure, dental assistants hold the devices and presenting dental radiographs. Dental hygienists deals with oral hygiene to provide three type of surfaces which are; educate the patient how to maintain a good healthy teeth, preventive services to get good oral health, and stop diseases to maintain good healthy tissue in the mouth. Dental laboratory technician is both science and an art of manufacturing corrective devices and replacements for natural teeth.
High school students who are interested in becoming dental assistant should take courses in biology, chemistry, and anatomy. Two-year programs, also offered in community colleges, are less common and lead to an associate’s degree. Dental hygienists require an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. High school students interested in a career as dental hygienists should take courses in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. According to occupational outlook handbook, “Some dental hygiene programs also require applicants to have completed at least one year of college. Specific entrance requirements vary from one school to another” (Dental Hygienists). Dental laboratory technician standard requirement is a high school diploma. Formal education programs for dental laboratory technician are available through vocational schools, community college, and universities. Those programs take about 2 years to complete.
In order to get certification, dental assistants must pass the Certified Dental Assistant, CDA exam from the Dental Assisting National Board, DANB. To take the exam, dental assistants must have graduated from an accredited program or graduated high school. According to occupational outlook handbook, “The Commission on Dental Accreditation, CODA, part of the American Dental Association, approved more than 285 dental-assisting training programs in 2011” (Dental Assistants). Dental hygienists offer a bachelor and master degrees in dental hygienists. Certification in dental laboratory technician is available in six specialty areas: orthodontic appliances, crowns and bridges, complete dentures, partial dentures, implants, and ceramics. Also the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology, NBCCERT, offers certification as a Certified Dental Technician, CDT.
The cost of dental assistant school varies greatly depending on the state and the program. Total costs typically range from about $1,000 to $8,000. As it stated in the trade school, colleges and universities website, “Some programs, however, can be substantially more expensive, so it is a good idea to look into what that cost includes, since this price may include certification exam fees,...

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