Dentistry; A Sweet Toothed Career Essay

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Dentistry is an ancient, highly respectable career which requires team work and ambition to achieve the ultimate goal of becoming a dental doctor. My interest in dentistry started at a young age. I remember going to the dentist as a child and actually enjoying my visit due to the kind friendly employees. The thought of playing dentist and cleaning clients’ mouths seemed entertaining. After my visit I went home and pretended my little sister was my patient. She sat in a little chair outside while I pretended to be her dentist, the only difference was instead of rinsing her mouth with clean water, I used the water from the kiddy pool which had love bugs inside. My visits to the dentist and my amusing experience pretending to be a dentist led me to be interested in this career field.
Dentistry is much older than most people realize and has an intriguing history. Early signs of dentistry can be traced back all the way to ancient Egypt and the Stone Age. If you loathe going to the dentist, be thankful you did not live in the Stone Age. Before the use of whiskey to dull pain and roughly 8,000 years before Novocain prehistoric patients would undergo painful procedures to repair their tremendously damaged teeth. “Our ancient ancestors were having holes drilled into their teeth with drill bits carved from stone. Scientists found eleven teeth from the skeletons of four females, two males and three individuals of unknown gender in an ancient cemetery in Pakistan that show signs of having undergone the painful procedure (Ring)”. Similar to the cavemen and people of today, ancient Egyptians were not spared from the dirty grasps of bad oral hygiene. Dentistry has come a long way since the times of cavemen and pharos. "Their diet, which was full of fiber and coarse, often uncooked, vegetables, in combination with a dental hygiene that possibly wasn’t up to our standards, caused various diseases such as attrition, caries and periodontitis (Ring)”. This rough diet and lack of hygiene attributed to Egyptians having inflamed gums and jaws, tooth loss and abscesses. Pharos and the rich were more likely to have issues with their teeth than commoners because the elite were the only ones that could afford sweets. Many of the diseases of the mouth, if left untreated became deadly. "Many Egyptians treated their mouth ailments with herbs and spells (Ring)”. Some of the common dental tools used today had a more inconvenient start. "The first electric tooth brush had a cord attached to the base to charge the instrument and in 1875 the first dental drill was created by George Green. The dental drill was powered by the foot pedal on the bottom of a sewing machine (Hoda)”. The first public use of anesthesia for dental uses was unsuccessful when the patient cried out in pain. . Dentistry has come a long way since the times of cavemen and pharaohs.
There is an extensive amount of activities that a dentist does on a day to day basis. The general duties of a dentist are to...

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