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1. Information regarding the Department of Corrections’ investigation of complaints related to several correctional officers will spread throughout the institution along certain channels (Stojkovic, Kalinich, Klofas, 2008). Starting with the prison warden this information will need to be efficient and accurate as it travels throughout the organization. Being that the prison warden will be the first to be informed of this information, the chain of command would be downward communication. This type of communication allows a clear passageway for the information to be sent to subordinates and provides for an effective management of the tone and delegation of the message (Stojkovic et al., 2008). The channels that are chosen in regards to the medium through which the message will be sent influence the success of communication. In regards to the sensitive nature of the message face-to-face delivery is best as compared to telephone, letters/memos, internet, or e-mail (Stojkovic et al., 2008). Face-to-face communication is highest in medium affluence, because an individual can identify verbal and nonverbal communication in understanding the message being sent effectively. The message should be communicated through channels that give enough levels of medium richness for the intention (Stojkovic et al., 2008).
There will be informal communication that will form due to networks that are created between individuals within the institution. This informal communication may create inaccurate information to spread thorough the organization based on gossip grapevine (Stojkovic et al., 2008). The grapevine is considered the informal, off the record communication network that develops within any organization between staff that share informal obtained from formal channels (Stojkovic et al., 2008). As the message will pass along the chain of command from the warden to the next in line, it will change and is likely not to be the same as it started out.
In handling a situation like this, the prison warden should focus on the confidential nature of the matter. The challenge in communication is getting the recipient to understand the message in a way very parallel to what is intended (Stojkovic et al., 2008). Understanding the mechanics that inspire perception is vital to effective communication. Because and individuals logic and understanding of a message is based on past experiences, which may differ from sender of message, the interpretations may be different. The prison warden should relay the messages to the individuals who have the most authority within the organization first. This way he can portray to them how to extend the message down to subordinates and in the exact form.

2. Organizations that are designed with hierarchy and interlocking groups are more productive than organizations that divert to the traditional chain of command design (Likert, 1961 as cited in Stojkovic, Kalinich, Klofas, 2008). These interlocking groups are connected by linking pins....

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