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Departmental Changes PlanBrittany S. BaxterJune 29, 2008MGT240-0803A-08AIU OnlineThe product department of our organization has many problems that must be dealt with in timely and professional manner in order to keep the department from failing. This department of our organization has been producing an old and outdated product, the communication within the department is lacking, and there has been fierce competition for funding. As the new department manager, I plan to rectify these issues by combining behavioral and conceptual style management to empower and motivate our employees. By incorporating a clear but informal chain of command leading to more decentralization, I will be focusing on employee empowerment to make this department a team structure and learning organization. I believe these key elements will produce a successful department within the organization.Behavioral style management states that I work well with others, am concerned about achievements of those around me and am receptive to suggestions from others; often using meetings to communicate (Robbins, S. P., & Coulter, M., 2007). Conceptual style management states that I have a very broad outlook and I look at many alternatives, focusing on the long term and finding creative solutions to problems (Robbins, S. P., & Coulter, M., 2007). By combining these two management styles I will establish a weekly department meeting to better communicate with employees. These meetings will be established to gain employee outlook on developing a new product, talking about their achievements within the department and to collaborate on solutions for department issues. We will also discuss departmental progress at these weekly team meetings. The goal of each meeting will be to asses the progress of change within the department and to establish better communication as a department.As department manager I will, in the beginning, incorporate an informal chain of command, which is a line of authority extending from upper organizational levels to lower organizational levels, clarifying who reports to whom (Robbins, S. P., & Coulter, M., 2007). As the department begins to turn around I will focus more on decentralization, or the degree to which lower - level employees provide input and actually make decisions (Robbins, S. P., & Coulter, M.,...

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