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Dependence On Fast Food In America

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The dependence on fast food by Americans has developed into a major predicament. In 2013 about eighty percent of Americans report eating at fast food restaurants at least once a month; more than half of them (about forty-seven percent of Americans) report that they eat at a fast food restaurant at least once a week (Richmond 2). Compared to the year 2006 the percentage of Americans who ate at least once a month have dropped only one percent from eighty-one percent to eighty percent (Richmond 2). Since a large percentage of Americans still eat at fast food restaurants it has become a problem. The problem is caused from a majority of fast food being unhealthy and convenient (Muntel 8). There are an excess amount of fast food restaurants and they can be found almost everywhere. Most Americans are overscheduled and it is easier to buy fast food than to take time to cook (Muntel 10). Americans should lessen their dependency on unhealthy fast food.
Americans should lessen their dependency on unhealthy fast food by having it regulated. The first reason fast food should be regulated is that it cause for obesity. Almost thirty-two percent of American adults are now considered to be clinically obese (Bridge 4). This is an astonishing statistic considering that the obesity rate has almost doubled since 1995 (Bridge 4). Many fast food choices are in high calories (Muntel 6). A whole day’s worth of calories could be easily taken in by just one meal from fast food alone (Muntel 6). Another reason to regulate fast food is that it is unhealthy. Most fast food items are highly processed and filled with fat and sodium (Muntel 6). People are unaware of the consequences of fast food. The extra fat can lead to cardiovascular disease while a high sodium diet causes their blood pressure to rise which in turn can cause heart problems (Muntel 11). A way to regulate fast food would be to regulate the slaughter houses where fast food corporations gets their meat. The top four beef packers control more than eighty percent of the market (Food Inc.). Since they have such a control on the market, they are able to do whatever they want. The USDA implemented microbial testing for E.coli and salmonella bacteria and if meat packing factory failed, they would be shut down (Food Inc.). However, after being taken to court by the meat industry, they no longer are able to shut down factories (Food Inc.).
While regulation might be a great way to lower our dependency, it is just not viable. The one trillion US food and beverage industry is battling regulations by using its assets (Halkett 2). For instance, last year the food industry gave close to twenty-four million to politicians who ran for Congress (Halkett 8). An abundance of consumers and experts believe that the fast food should not be regulated. Out of twenty-nine experts that were polled, almost seventy percent think that the US government should not be able to regulate portion size of food or beverages (“Should the” 4)....

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