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Dependence On Technology Essay

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Technology has intertwined into our lives over the years. This story all started out with the author's experiences. The incident occurred when Ray Bradbury was taking a stole where Bradbury was stopped by an LAPD cruiser for taking a walk on Whilshire Boulevard. Therefore, that event triggered the creation of the short story The Pedestrian. The purpose for writing The Pedestrian is to show that if society depended too much on technology, then it might as well cease to exist. Ray Bradbury's life was broken into two parts, his childhood in Waukegan and his adulthood in California. Bradbury emphasises the importance of that childhood in helping the author find his personal writing style. A ...view middle of the document...

Propaganda has been practiced by the government since 1622, mostly used to persuade people into doing something they are not favourable of doing. "Hello' in there, 'he whispered to every house on every side as he moved. 'What's up tonight on Channel4, Channel 7, Channel 9?" This can conclude that the majority of the public is in side watching television; now since everyone is relying on television to be the main source of information, the government can possible deliver messages though the television to promote something which the public might be against, Leonard Mead was not one of these people, thus, the reason why he was questions. Mead just wanted to prove the point that every person is watching television. On the other hand, relating to the author's lifestyle, as I have mentioned before, the government had practiced propaganda ever since 1622, "As seen as war beings, the government formed the Ministry of Information to regulate all the news and propaganda" Propaganda has taken many forms though out the years, from posters to newspapers and currently commercials and add which comes up on our typical electronic devices. The purpose is the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized and opinions of the masses in apparently an important element in the democratic society. However, we all know that truth about the cause/purpose of the government practicing propaganda.
This paragraph is regarding the economical aspects which have taken place with the short story, but as the significant effect made with the author's life time. Now with in the short story, the main character was described to have a profession of an Author. In the world Mead is in, since everyone is using the television as the main source of entertainment the information authors do not really have a fair share. Within the story an incident occurred with the Mead and the mechanical police car: "He hadn't written in years. Magazines and books didn't sell any more. Everything was on the tomblike houses at night". What had happened was the police car was asking Mead what he did, and when Mean replied writer the machine did not register because no one in the community had thought the grand scheme of writing books was important, therefore not having it programmed into the police car. In result, no books sold means there is no stable source of income to Mead thus, economical aspects. Moving into the author's personal life, I believe the author had went through a lot of handship when he grapuated highschool. There is no significant quote proving these facts however from the research done we can determine Bradbury to recalled not attending College thus, he lived off selling newspapers and sold to stores, public libraries were the key to his self-education. All though not attending Collage Bradbury did not stop to make his dream a reality, he went to the library three days a week for ten years with a rented typewriter in the basement of the Powell library at the University of...

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