Dependency Of Tech: Why People Should Not Depend On Technology Often

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Dependency of Tech: Why People should not depend on Technology often
Technology is everywhere in the world, it can bring greatness to some people and harm to others. However, Technology encourages a person to make up a façade online, something that is completely different from their selves in real life. It discourages social interaction and it can really take away from education. Many young people use technology to get away from the real world. There are not so many people in the world that doesn’t depend on tech to get them to others. Berkley School District has learned about the National Education Technology plan made by the White House that encourages schools to use technology to make ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, People talk to each other every day. It can definitely provide distractions and deprive social interactions. One time, a thirteen old girl says that she hates the phone and never wants listens to voice-mail. According to her, texting gives control and a good amount of access. Texting is not too close or too far. It’s right in the middle. (Turkle). This shows that people just don’t want to talk to each other face to face, they only want to text. There was another story where a girl didn’t want to knock on her roommate door to tell her that her employer was at their apartment. Instead she sends her a text (Turkle). This is what separates people from each other. Tech. Texting isn’t really being social. It is asocial. Texting takes more time than simply going up to tell somebody something.
Technology can really be helpful to some people. However, it isn’t really helpful to most people. Skype is a free service that lets people talk to each other for free. A girl named Ellen uses Skype to talk to her grandmother face to face but yet she...

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