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Addicted To Methamphetamine Essay

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One day you are the average teenage boy, an aspiring student, good grades, competitive athlete, close family and friends; and then you are homeless, alone, addicted to drugs and eventually end up in jail. This is what happened to Eric. He had heard about Methamphetamine or “Meth” on the news but did not come face to face with it until watching a friend use it.
What started out as what he thought was harmless, became something that he could not live one day without. All it took was one time and he was hooked, and the downward spiral began; his life as he knew it would never be the same. He began stealing, lying, lost his family and friends, was kicked out of his house, and eventually lost his freedom. At this time he had dropped out of school and found himself homeless, lonely, tired, hungry, and scared. One night while trying to break into his mother’s house to steal, the police were called and he was arrested. After 6 months in jail he was released and had made every attempt to stay clean; he relapsed several times. It was not until he came to terms that this way of living was hurting him, he became literally sick and tired of the addiction and the pain it was causing. Contrary to some beliefs that the benefits are greater than the risks, Methamphetamine not only is a highly addictive and dangerous drug to both the mind and the body but can have harmful affects to those around you.

Ask anyone if there are benefits in using methamphetamine and chances are the answer will be no; however studies have shown that teenagers feel the complete opposite. It is a chilling fact that seventy-seven percent of those reporting to have tried meth were fifteen years of age and even younger (2007, Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly). According to The Meth Project, a survey conducted in California, one in three teenagers see little to no danger in trying methamphetamine once or twice, and one in four teenagers say there is no risk in using methamphetamine daily. Approximately one in four teenagers also claims that there are benefits to using. These claimed benefits would include weight loss, increased energy levels, and can help teens in dealing with boredom. A teenager, especially with everyday peer pressures could certainly look at weight loss as a positive outcome in using. Peer pressure could also influence the teen to trying meth in the first place, seeing a friend use, wanting to be “cool” and fit in. Along with increased energy perhaps could come increased studying, hanging out with friends, or just that overwhelming feeling of just wanting to be active, wanting to conquer the world.

Giving a sense of extreme euphoria, increased energy levels which keeps the user coming back for more, this drug literally eats away at your body, inside and out. Whether injected, snorted, smoked, or taken orally, methamphetamine can have serious and dangerous effects on the user. (U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, May, 2002.) Increasing the release of...

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