Depiction Of A Tragic Hero In Hamlet

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The Depiction of a Tragic Hero in William Shakespeare?s Hamlet.I. Introduction A. Definition of a tragic hero B. Discussion on Hamlet II. Hamlet?s Personal Experiences A. Family 1. Father?s Death 2. Mother?s Marriage B. Others 1. Ophelia 2. Polonius III. Hamlet?s Dilemma A. Meeting with the Ghost B. Avenging His Father?s Death IV. Conclusion Page 1 The definition of a hero in the dictionary is one who is praised by his good deeds. A ?tragic hero? is one who suffers emotionally but performs a chosen deed. In some cases, heroes are honored because of their actions in a war or battle. In other ways they are dubbed heroes because they have saved another person?s life. On the other hand, some take advantage of their status and use it for their own gain. A hero is recognized as a great person, and respected. A hero shows that there still are descent people in the world. Without heroes, there wouldn?t be anyone to look up to and no one for kids to want to be like. There also wouldn?t be any role models, and especially; no hope. Heroes are great people because they overcome conflicts on the outside as well as on the inside. Although they are adored by many, there are few adversaries of heroes. Some dislike them because they are jealous, or envious of them. Which goes to show, even the greatest person in the world has an enemy.In William Shakespeare?s play Hamlet, Hamlet is depicted as the tragic hero. ?It was a hero who, because of his sensitive, moral nature, suffers keenly from his task.?(Jorgenson 47), this quote describes the very Page 2 essence of a tragic hero. Hamlet is praised by many of the citizens of Denmark, yet Claudius and his advisor, Polonius, dislike him. His father, King Hamlet, mysteriously dies, and Hamlet is grief stricken. Meanwhile, his mother, Queen Gertrude, marries Hamlet?s uncle, Claudius, a mere two months after the death of her husband. The ghost of King Hamlet sends Hamlet on a mission to avenge his father?s murder by killing Claudius. The revenge issue is one that has been criticized by many as being dragged on, ?The story is, the single deed to be done, and until the last minute; the doubt that it actually will be.? ( Barker 161). Hamlet is a play based on deception, incest, love, and above all; murder.Our ?tragic hero? Hamlet, is constantly confronted with severe emotional obstacles. To begin with, his father mysteriously dies, and two months after that, Gertrude marries Hamlet?s uncle. To rub salt on the wound, Hamlet finds out that his uncle, Claudius, killed his father. ?The fact that his uncle killed his father, doesn?t help improve Hamlet?s already fragile state.?(Goddard 196). The murder sent Hamlet into a profound depressed, sad state. So profound that the only person that could have helped Hamlet Page 3 proceeds on his duty to kill his father?s murderers. out of his fathomless hole of a depression, the only one that could throw Hamlet an emotional rope; was his father.The fact that his mother married his uncle in...

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