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Which Obstacles do Community Entrepreneurs have to Overcome?
Referring back to the modern definition of an entrepreneur, you find that it is a person who sees opportunities and decides to pursue those opportunities regardless of the resources he has. From this definition alone, a lot can be deduced from it concerning the challenges which community entrepreneurs go through to solve the social problem at hand. The greatest challenge lies in amassing the resources to pursue the perceived opportunities. Community entrepreneurs are not people who come from outside the affected area and hence they suffer the same economic pressure as the locals (Ratten & Welpe, 2011). This being the case, they ...view middle of the document...

However, this does not, in any way, nullify the importance of entrepreneurship in depleted communities.
To better analyze the idea of depleted communities and how they give rise to community entrepreneurs, this paper discusses three bibliographies of such entrepreneurs as featured by Johnstone and Lionais.
1. Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta
This guy, who hailed from the northern mountainous part of Spain, was in theological school when civil war broke out in their country. The war was between Basques and the Franco. The Basques were overpowered by the Franco and hence the Franco imposed oppressive policies on this group of people. Consequently, the area where Basques occupied became economically depleted. Fortunately or unfortunately, Jose Maria became a pastor among the Basque upon completion. Jose’s plan and call was to change or influence people for better as a pastor and hence he noted that to achieve that goal he needed to establish business corporations. He went ahead and began businesses that worked for the people. He started by first establishing a technical training centre and used the graduates from that centre to begin a manufacturing plant. He used the principle of “cooperativism” and ensured that the profits that were realized flow back to the society. Today the corporation he began employs thousands of people (Johnstone & Lionais, 2002).
2. Muhammad Yunus
This was a Bangladesh national who was a professor in economics. He taught economics in Chittagong University until when he felt much for his people who were being consumed by famine in 1974. He was greatly moved by this tragedy that he hated himself for the same and consequently made and his students study poverty in their surroundings. Through his studies, he noted the immense skill that was among these people but the only thing they lacked was capital to exploit that skill and perhaps suppress the effects of the famine. As a result, he began lending people money and lobbied for banks to adopt his idea. This helped spring life back in Bangladesh and the bank he began is one of the largest with its operations spawning internationally (Johnstone & Lionais, 2002).
3. Greg Macleod
With a PhD in Philosophy, MacLeod returned to his home country to his country and taught in a local university. However, he was bothered by the economic dilapidation of Cape Breton. This part of the world had suffered depletion but Greg MacLeod chose to focus on the opportunities rather than the difficulties presented by the circumstance. He saw the underutilized resources and skills and purposed to establish an organization that would harness these opportunities and channel back the benefits to the community. This is how New Dawn Enterprise came into existence and since its inception, it has continued to perpetuate it motto of “business for people” in all aspects including housing, training, caring for the seniors and offering dental services to the society. MacLeod furthered his vision by establishing a...

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