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Deportation In America English 1010 Informative Paper

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Immigration reform has been a highly debatable topic in this 2016 campaign for election. Immigration reform is meaning to make changes to current immigration policy to our country such as, open borders, amnesty, gaining citizenship, United States economy and the effects this could all have on our country. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are among the top candidates running in this year’s 2016 election. Both candidates have taken a hard stance on this topic. Between the two candidates their views and policies they are pushing for are very different in what they would like to see happen with reforming our immigration system.
a. The implication of Hillary Clinton’s platform is explained that illegal entry is not a deportable offense. Hillary Clinton has stated if elected for president she will call an end to immigrant deporting raids. (Clinton). She believes that Immigration enforcement must be effective and targeted correctly. By putting forth the attention on focusing on illegal immigrants that pose a violent threat to public safety, such as terrorist and criminals. Those who are here illegally yet want to gain citizenship should have a fair chance to share their stories and not be separated from family members that are born US citizens.
b. Donald Trump wants to enforce deportation of all illegal immigrants, estimated to be 11 million and counting that are undocumented. Immigrants that have been placed in detention will held until they are sent home. Trump will enforce his policy of deportation by tripling the amount of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers. Trump believes to deport all immigrants successfully will take 18-24 months. Once immigrants are deported Trump will enforce a taller wall to be built around all borders from Mexico into the US.
Temporary Ban
a. Hillary Clinton imposes an open border platform. That meaning she does not want to put any ban in place to protect from illegal immigration happening. Hillary believes putting a ban in place is absurd and would not resolve any issues on this topic.

b. Donald Trump wants to put a temporary ban on Muslims and terrorist countries from entering inside the US completely. His reasoning for placing a temporary ban is recent terror attacking killing Americans lives. September 11th attack, San Bernardino and most recent Orlando Mass shooting have all been committed by terrorists. Donald will lift the ban once we as a country can perfectly screen who enters into the US. His propositions to do this would be using a biometric tracking system, attaining finger prints and implying facial recognition software. Until we can do this properly the ban will be in place to protect Americans from future terrorist attacks.
Gaining citizenship
a. Hillary Clinton supports Immigration reform by wanting to provide a pathway to citizenship. Hillary has stated within 100 days of being elected for president she will begin to reform immigration policy. She will build...

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