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Home Depot vs. LowesThe home improvement industry is a booming enterprise, which is mainly controlled by two major retailers. Each retailer has its strong points as well as its weaknesses. Home Depot is a company that holds a great history; it was the forefront of the home improvement warehouse store. Lowe's quickly followed in the wake of Home Depot's successes. They decided to improve the industry by offering a cleaner environment, and an easier shopping experience. Which one is the stronger company in today's financial marketplace? Who really dominates the home improvement industry? In this thesis, we will attempt to discover the answers to these questions with an expansive study of both companies financial status.Home Depot - A Brief HistoryBernie Marcus and Arthur Blank established the Home Depot in 1978. They had both been fired from other small home improvement retailers, and decided to create their own home improvement retail store. After a slow start, the company picked up momentum and proved to be successful over time. In 1981 The Home Depot went public using the ticker symbol HD. Home Depot stock is now traded on the New York Stock Exchange with index memberships on the DOW and S&P 500.Today, Home Depot stock is selling at $35.37 per share (6-18-2004). In the previous 52-week period, the low for HD was $30.10 and the high was $37.89. The Home Depot stock has fallen by about 12% over the past three years, but the company is constantly making changes in upgrades and service in order to increase their market share and profitability.Home Depot currently has 2.3 billion shares of outstanding common stock. The company did acquire 69 shares of treasury stock in 2002, and 116 shares in 2003. Home Depot also offers additional information such as the number of transactions, sales per square foot, comparable store increase in sales, and debt to equity ratio of 6.1%. Home Depot practices a solid code of ethics to maintain these numbers and uses an independent auditing committee to assess their financial statements.Home Depot is the number one retailer in the home improvement and hardware retail industry (sic code 5211). Home Depot has over 1500 stores in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Home Depot is credited for its clean balance sheets and increased cash balance. According to our findings, the company's debt to equity ratio is the best in retail. This cash rich company has the numbers to back the title of number one home improvement retailer, and history shows that there is a good chance that their stock prices may begin to raise again.Lowe's - A Brief HistoryLowe's was founded in 1946 by brother's-in-law Carl Buchan and Jim Lowe. Carl Buchan bought out Jim Lowe, and eliminated wholesalers in order to create a home improvement store with lower prices. Before Mr. Buchan died he placed five individuals, later known as the "fab five" in charge of the business. These individuals were chosen because they shared his dream and...

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