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Depression Among College Students Essay

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Major depression is also known as clinical depression, major depressive illness, major affective disorder and unipolar mood disorder. It is characterized by these following symptoms: depressed mood (sadness), poor concentration, insomnia, fatigue, appetite disturbances, excessive guilt and thoughts of suicide. If depression can’t be treated as early as now, it may lead to serious illness which can actually cause suicide to some, which is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S. According to some research, most of the people who died in suicide were experiencing depression. It can be treat, so in most cases, someone who was experiencing it may consult a physician professional with this kind of issues. The effective treatments and better understanding of the biological basis for depression can lessen the barriers which can prevent diagnosis and decision to seek medical treatments to depression to easily cope up with this situation.
Depression is an illness that everyone may experience. We cannot escape from depression but we can treat it. Not because depression is an illness that was familiar to us, we still have no idea about the different signs and symptoms of it. Everyone experiencing it was not experiencing the same sign and symptoms. Depression lasts depending upon the individual and how the illness will affect them considering the symptoms. Below are some of the most common signs and symptoms of depression.
• Many people with a depressive illness find it hard to concentrate, remember details, and make decisions
• Patients may lose interest in activities or hobbies they once enjoyed
• Levels of energy feel lower, fatigue sets in
• Individuals can feel restless
• Sleep patterns are disturbed - the person may sleep too little or too much
• Suicidal thoughts may occur - some may act on those thoughts
• The person feels hopeless in the midst of crisis
• The sufferer may complain more of aches and pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems. These problems do not get better with treatment.
• A feeling of emptiness
• A constant feeling of sadness
• The sufferer may experience irritability
• He/she may lose interest in sex
• Eating habits may change - he/she may either eat too much or have no appetite
Those problems are due to the very nature of going off to college. For many students, it was the first time that they left home and stay away for a long period of time not like before. They are lack of parental guidance and discipline because they are outside their family structure. They may consider college life as a challenging environment with a new set of peers and culture. They were pressured by the new environment and people around them. And most specially, the paper works given to the students can cause depression. Too much things to do and think of something can make someone irritated which can let them feel depressed. There are behaviors that signals us whether someone is experiencing depression such as losing interest in doing...

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