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am writing to you today because our colleges and universities across the country are faced with a major problem. The number of depressed students is increasing. These students are not able to get the help they deserve, and more importantly need. These institutions are not properly equipped to handle this problem adequately. Out of 8,500 students that participated in the study, only 22% of them received minimally adequate care, defined as “at least two months of antidepressant use plus at least three follow up visits to discuss medication or at least seven mental health-related counseling sessions” (DeBenedette, 2012). Mental health is an integral part of our day to day lives. When our mind cannot function properly, we cannot live our lives to its fullest potential. Depression is defined as a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, anger, or frustration interfere with daily life for an extended period of time.

College students face many stresses during their academic careers. Getting papers done on time, studying for an exam, doing well in their classes are only a few examples of these pressures. Academic performance is one of the main causes for depression amongst university students (Dyson and Renk, 2006). Students with poor academic performance are most likely to develop depressive symptoms. Another cause for depression is the feeling of not fitting in or not mattering. It was found that “self-esteem and mattering among undergraduates was important for psychological well-being” (Dixon and Kurpius, 2008). Students first entering college life are thrown into a world of many different types of people, and it is difficult for them to find their place. Students try to compensate for this by taking on too many activities and are unable to handle the stresses from this overload. The number of depressed college students is increasing at an alarming rate, and there needs to be somewhere they can go to get the help that they need. Mental health clinics on campuses can help reduce the number of depressed students drastically.

Depression is not something that should be taken lightly. One out of every four college students suffers from depression and about 19 percent of depressed students attempt suicide each year (Borchard, 2010). Stress is one of the main factors that leads to depression in young college students. Adjusting to college life can take quite a while. Having to live on their own and take care of themselves is one of the hardest things to adjust to when adapting to college life. Students reported more psychological dependencies on their parents when first adjusting to their new lifestyles. Coping is the only way students find to deal with these feelings. Coping is using techniques such as wishful thinking, self-distraction, denial, or mental or behavioral disengagement (Dyson and Renk, 2006). It is believed that these coping strategies often lead to negative outcomes. These strategies, if used over a long period of time, can cause...

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