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Depression And How It Effects Humanity.

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The Causes and Treatments of DepressionDepression is an ugly thing. This overwhelming emotion hits too close to home for many people. Many hours have been logged on psychiatrist’s couches, being examined, taken apart piece by piece, and then put back together again. That being so, depression is hard on the people who have to watch their family member, or friends suffer from depression. Many advancements have been made in the treatments of depression. These Treatments may be the only way we can help those who struggle daily, through life. Depression is hard to describe sometimes, there are so many things that can be coined as “depressing” or just “unhappy”. There are many things that can trigger depression though; lifestyles, peer pressure, family strains, stress. Depression is caused by a chemical change, or imbalance in the brain, that affects the way it functions. The brain, when it is functioning normally, is a giant messaging system. It controls everything from the muscles to the emotions. The brain is made up of billions of cells that are called Neurons. Using these neurons to send and receive messages to and from the rest of the body. Neurons use chemicals called neurotransmitters; these neurotransmitters are what are responsible for the emotional state of every person. When these chemicals or messages are not delivered correctly, the communication of the brain is disrupted. (Weiten and Llyd, page 520) Think of a cell phone, if a phone does not have a good signal, then communications can be muted and unclear. The person at the other end will not be able to be heard, because the signals coming from the cell phone are not being received clearly. Similarly, depression is treatable, just like losing a signal on a cell phone.There are many forms of treatment that can help you cope with depression. Medications are probably one of the largest sources of this. They help to strengthen the weak signals by raising the levels of the neurotransmitters, or by improving the neurons ability to process signals. There have been many studies done on depression, which have come up with excellent results. A study done on Prozac, a new anti depression drug that was done a few years ago turned up these results, “Nearly 3 in 4 of their young patients improved significantly with a combination of psychotherapy and Prozac… Of the 439 teens who participated in the nationwide study, 61 percent of those receiving Prozac alone got better after 12 weeks of...

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