Depression And Nazis Essay

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Depression and Nazis

The depression of 1929 occurred due to the Wall Street crash in
America. America had been lending money to Germany in a plan called
the 'Dawes plan'. Once the wall street crash occurred, America wanted
their money back and this lead to German businesses and banks closing.
As a result of this people turned to the politicians for an answer.
Many of the political parties did not have an answer. There is no
doubt in my mind that this was the most important reason for Hitler
coming to power. The Weimar government seemed helpless to revive the
German economy. Hitler had been waiting for this opportunity a long
time and when he finally got it he exploited it.

Hitler made promises to everyone in Germany to win their vote:

He offered the Army rearmament, expansion and the destruction of
Versailles. He told businessmen and the middle classes that the Nazi
party would destroy communism, he said that there would be political
and economic stability, a firm government, protection of their money
and property, as well as a scapegoat (this would have been the Jews as
they were considered the cause of all their problems). He promised the
unemployed jobs through government spending and public works schemes.
Nationalists were told that they could reclaim the land that they had
lost at Versailles, Hitler also promised to unite all German -
speaking people, and conquer Lebensraum for Germany. Farmers were
promised stability and the chance to root out the cause of the
depression (the Jews).

Hitler also used propaganda to whip up fear and hatred of the
communists. He also used what some people called his propaganda
machine, E.g. Newspapers, posters and film. He did this to get his
message across to the German people.

The Nazis also claimed that Germany needed a strong leader and also
needed to get rid of the Treaty of Versailles.

The Nazis succeeded in the elections as businessmen were afraid of
communists who would try and nationalize industry. The...

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