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Depression And Suicide Essay

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1CONNECTIONS BETWEEN SUICIDE AND DEPRESSIONDepression and SuicideBrandi PrestonWashtenaw Community CollegeThe topic that I decided to research is depression and suicide, the connections that they have with each other. I believe that suicide is a very big problem today in the world with adolescents becoming more likely to be depressed with their lives, causing teenagers to completely give up in life and take their own life. These connections of topics are so important in psychology because suicide is the second leading cause of teenagers today in America. Depression is like a drug, an addiction that can easily enter people's minds, causing the ...view middle of the document...

The results of the depression questionnaires the girls scored higher than the boys did. Two to three times as many girls as boys reported thinking about it, threatening and attempting suicide. Depression was for sure related to suicidal behaviors. When depression was examined, hopelessness was unrelated to suicidal behaviors for boys and only a little bit related girls. Both of the hypothesis including a) in a general high school population, depression was more strongly related to suicidal behaviors than was hopelessness. And then the second hypothesis was b) clear sex differences emerged in the relation between hopelessness and suicide (1989). For the girls, hopelessness maintained a well connection with suicide. For the boys, hopelessness was unrelated to suicide, once depression was controlled. I looked at how they had previously examined adults and there was a major difference from the adolescents study. The sex difference in the hopelessness suicide was intriguing because the boys were more affected than the girls. The extra information that relays an important significance to...

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1214 words - 5 pages does not mean these methods are the only method, unusual methods consist of people swallowing poisonous spiders, chocking on underwear, and injecting peanut butter into their veins (Associates, Evan, Farberow, 2003, p. 235). People who commit these deadly acts usually have untreated depression. Studies show that fifteen percent of major depressed people commit suicide (Caruso, 2010). Depression plays a big role in suicide. Depression and

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1511 words - 6 pages social issue of suicide, one can identify the causes and help prevent more deaths. Due to the combination of multiple factors in an individual, the act of suicide can happen (The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine). Over 90 percent of suicides are the result of a mental illness at the time of their death (Caruso). Most common among those mental illnesses is depression (Caruso). Although, some individuals seem to have a happy life, some are genetically

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691 words - 3 pages : *Sudden excitement or happiness *Sudden irritation *Lack of sleep *Increase of talking and energy *Poor judgment What are the causes of depression? Doctors diagnose depression after the symptoms have been occurring for several weeks and are interfering with their every day activities of life. These symptoms occur due to alterations in the brains chemistry. If this is not treated immediately, it often results in suicide. Remarks such as "I don't want

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1874 words - 7 pages kill somebody else…”5 There have been many suicidal adolescents reported to have experienced the loss of a family member. Often teens turn to suicide in an attempt to release feelings of anger or loss felt towards the departed individual. These teens often feel anger for being “left behind” and often blame themselves for the death. Adolescent suicide usually involves this or a similar kind of self-blame, which in turn leads to depression

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