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Depression/ Bipolar Disorder Essay

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Depression: Symptoms and TreatmentIn western Nigeria, an energetic Yoruba woman gradually withdraws from village life, ceases tending her garden, and ? to the dismay of her family and neighbors ? spends her days staring at the wall of her hut. In Osaka Japan, a conscientious college student suffers weeks of anxiety and shame, convinced he will fail an upcoming examination, and prepares to disembowel himself. In Southern California, a hard-driving sales manager repeatedly cancels important appointments, lets his paper work pile up and indulges in cocktails until past midnight.These three individuals could hardly be more unlike in cultural experience, social background and way of life. Emotionally, however, the disconsolate African mother, the suicidal Japanese youth and the procrastinating American businessman resemble one another more closely than they do their own family.Almost everyone suffers periods of depression, the reaction to some shattering event ? the loss of a job, serious bodily injury, the death of a loved one - the despair can be so black that treatment is called for; however, in millions of people depression occurs for no apparent reason. Mood disorders can range from mild to severe and can linger for many months or even years. Mood disorders are divided into depressive disorders, in which the individual has one or more periods of depression without a history of manic episodes, and bipolar disorders, in which the individual alternates between periods of depression and periods of elation, usually with a return to normal mood in between the two extremes; however, manic episodes without some history of depression are very uncommon. Negative feelings dominate aspects of living and , in some cases, can lead to hallucinations, withdrawal from all activities, and complete breakdown, physical as well as mental. Such depressions constitute a debilitation sickness that, according toDepression 3American psychiatrist Hugh Storrow, "probably causes more human suffering than any other single disease ? mental or physical" (Campbell).It is sometimes referred to as the common cold of mental illness, but it is the prime cause of admission to mental hospitals in Britain and ranks second only to schizophrenia in filling mental wards in the United States. The World Health Organization estimates that one of every five persons in the technically advanced countries experience depression, and it is rapidly on the rise in underdeveloped countries. Depression paves the way for drug abuse, especially of amphetamines and other drugs that induce excitement ? a "high" to counteract the low of depression. It is a precursor to alcoholism for millions of people, and because seventy-five per cent of all suicide attempts are attributable to depression, it is, in Storrow's words, "one of the few psychiatric illnesses with a significant mortality rate" (Campbell). Depression is an illness, in the same way that diabetes or heart disease are illnesses. It affects the...

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1066 words - 5 pages Since Bipolar Disorder involves the cycling between two different states of mania and major depression, there are many different etiological factors in play. The neurotransmitters that are involved in this disease are serotonin, norepinehrine and dopamine. There has been some preliminary research involved with glutamate as well. In patients with the depressive portion of Bipolar Disorder, Serotonin levels were found to be lower than healthy

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1290 words - 5 pages , poor judgement and insight, and often reckless or irresponsible behavior ( Weissman & Myers, 1978 et al ).Bipolar disorder affects approximately one percent of the population in the United States. It is presented by both males and females. Bipolar disorder is diagnosed if an episode of mania occurs whether depression has been diagnosed or not.Bipolar disorder have a one percent incidence which is similar to schizophrenia ( Baker, J.A. 2001

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