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Depression: Diagnosis And Treatment Essay

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Depression: Diagnosis and TreatmentDepression: Diagnosis and TreatmentMood disorders are a very common type of mental disorder, yet they typically go undetected as well as untreated. The main form of mood disorders is depression. "Depression is the most common of mood disorders and it is defined as a state in which a person feels overwhelmed with sadness, loses interest in activities, and displays other symptoms such as excessive guilt or feelings of worthlessness" (Psychological disorders, 2008, p. 492). When a person experiences depression they lack fulfillment from everyday experiences that they once enjoyed. They may find difficulties in making decisions, sleeping, or even thinking (Psychological disorders, 2008). They may find it hard to complete simple tasks and place blame on themselves for outcomes of situations. When a person is in a severe state of depression, they may be daunted by thoughts of suicide.The causes of mood disorders have been widely debated for years and can be defined by three main factors: Biological factor, Psychological factor, and social factor. The research being done on the biological factor has linked genetics to mood disorders. This promising research has enabled many medications to be used as treatments for mood disorders (Psychological disorders, 2008). Scientists studying depression have found links to brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, notably serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. The National Institute of Mental health (2008) noted, "These particular chemicals are involved in regulating mood, but they are unsure of the exact ways in which they work" (para. 11). The psychological factor is based on negative experiences a person may have undergone in their life. These experiences such as lack of approval, traumatic occurrences, and even humiliating experiences can make a person have a lower self image (Psychological disorders, 2008). Lastly, is the social factor. This factor revolves around relationships. There appears to be a link between troubled interpersonal relationships and mood disorders. However, this link is reliant upon either the prevalence of psychological factors or biological factors (Psychological disorders, 2008).During the last ten years, the understanding of major depression has advanced. With this conception has come a lucid awareness of the risk factors, shifting patterns, and the signs of multiple illnesses, e.g. alcoholism and depression (Weissman & Klerman, 1992). The National Institute of Mental health (2008) noted, "Intensive research into the illness has resulted in the development of medications, psychotherapies, and other methods to treat people with this disabling disorder" (para. 2).Although, depression is a disabling disorder it is also highly treatable. As with any illness the early the treatment is started the better effect the treatment may have. Visiting a doctor will help distinguish what the illness is and how to proceed...

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