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Depression From Beggining To End English 1a Ally Up Paper Essay

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Ever since I could remember my family was strictly against homosexuality. Not only was it immoral and unholy, but in their eyes it was plain disgusting. Growing up in a religious monotheistic household I was always taught that I should never associate with “them”. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I was truly exposed to people of all sorts of shapes, colors, backgrounds, and sexuality orientations. It was only then that I felt ashamed of myself. Here I was wearing a headscarf, and no one had ever made me feel unwanted nor had I ever been discriminated against. I felt so hypocritical, like I should be the last person talking. I started becoming friends with homosexuals and I found myself enjoying their company more. I just found them to be so carefree and loveable. As time evolved, I found myself to be more understanding and open minded. Although at this point in my life I don’t have a problem surrounding myself with homosexuals, I still don’t find myself comfortable with the fact that they are homosexual. In spite of growing up with a set mentality against a certain group, I wonder if I will ever be ok with homosexuality. What makes them become homosexual? Why can’t they just choose to be attracted to the opposite sex? But then again, do they even have that option? All these questions linger through my mind whenever this topic is brought up. Due to a lack of education and understanding, most heterosexuals oppose the idea of homosexuality because they believe that Homosexuality is a case of nurture rather than nature and that they have the option of becoming heterosexual. Homosexuality is not something that can be prevented. Although most people may feel as if though one can easily change, it is not that simple. Our sexual orientation is largely determined by genetics, not choice. As a society we need to come to an understanding that some homosexuals don’t choose to be the way they are.
We live in a society that still struggles to sympathize with homosexuality. Most of them when asked, will tell you that they felt “different” ever since they were a young kid. My friend John was kind enough to share such a personal yet extremely emotional story with me. He started by telling me that “[he] has been through hell and back and if there was a single way for [him] to be straight, he would be in a heartbeat”. John was born and raised in Texas with his 2 siblings, Annabelle and Martin. When he was a kid he favored playing with his sister and her Barbie dolls rather than with his brother in the fields. When his parents began to realize his behavior, they had forbidden him from playing with his sister, in fear that she will “ruin” him. In school, John was rarely seen with any guys which lead to him being bullied and accused of being gay. He was constantly being both physically and sexually abused. They went as far as putting a phallus in his mailbox. For that reason John forced himself to date girls. He would kiss them in front of...

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