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Depression is one of the many problems that International Students face. It's a problem that affects their day to activities and if left unattended can cause a lot of harm. It is called the 'common cold' of mental illness (Mental Health Info &Links, 2001). Depression was compared with 100 other diseases and it was ranked fourth in the global burden by the World Health Organisation (WHO). There is a fear that it might rise to second it diagnosis, treatment or prevention is not improved. Depression causes suffering and anguish for individuals, families, friends and communities. Families and employers expand both personal and economic resources to deal with the person’s depression and depressive symptoms. A major concern it that early depression signals a future recurrent or chronic depression that becomes increasingly debilitating (Greden, 2001). This paper is going to focus on the impact that depression has on International students and the triggers and causes of Depression.

Causes of depression in international students revolve around the number of friends one has, financial difficulties, language barriers, academic difficulties, perceived discrimination and cultural shock.
Culture shock includes all those beliefs and expectations about how people should speck and act, the social organisation, the relationship and the rules that govern kinship systems. Also it includes ones ethnicity, the socio economic status, and the ideas, customs and learned behaviour that has become second nature to a person (Fernandez p.158). Culture shock comes in when the student discovers that all the behaviours and skills he or she had are no longer accepted in the new environment.
Language barrier is causes of depression because students from none English speaking countries have a problem communicating to English speaking students that have English as their first language. This results in few friends and international students tending to isolate themselves or keeping to a group of the same language. Depression comes into effect for those that cannot find peers of the same language. Therefore being forced to have very or no friend which leads to loneliness and depression. The barrier between international students and English speaking students create obstacles that impede the building of interpersonal relationships with fellow students. International students not fluent with the English language experience difficulties that students who are fluent do not. They difficulties include needing extra time to read assigned reading, difficulties understanding class lectures and discussions, and difficulties communicating concerns and view points (Tam. K, Donghyuck. L, & Huang. L, 2007) International students tend to disconnect from their previous social life and find new connections to develop new social Support networks in their new host country (Tam. K, Donghyuck. L, & Huang. L, 2007). Pedersen (1991), point...

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