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Depression: The Dark Cloud Essay

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Depression: The Dark Cloud
There are many mental illnesses that affect all different kinds of people living in the world. Some are worse than others and some can feel like a cloud hanging over that seems like it will never go away. Depression is a common mental disorder that affects millions of people in the world today. It is a terrible burden to its victims and can leave them feeling a sadness they have never experienced before. No person is exempt from attaining this disease, which makes it an even more interesting psychological condition. This disease can happen over a long period of time, or can creep up on someone in no time at all. Depression is a worldwide disease that affects many different kinds of people and contains various causes, symptoms and treatments.
Depression is a problem that affects our world presently, and even dates back to ancient times. There is not a single reason to why people have depression, but it is actually more a blend of genetic, biochemical, environmental, and psychological components (“Depression”). This condition can happen to anyone, at any time. People of all ages and of every, social, racial, ethnic, and economic group can become victims (Hales 18). When someone has depression, they feel hopeless. They believe that “the sun shines less brightly, the sky clouds over, people seem cold and distant, and the future looks dark” (Elliot and Smith 22). It is difficult for someone to
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live a normal life while being depressed because they do not carry on their day-to-day activities like they did before being plagued with this disease. It is a life changing condition that can be treated, but can either last for months or years, or “other times it blows through like a serious of afternoon thunderstorms” (Elliot and Smith 21). It all comes down to the mental part of the illness. The brain has a big effect on the body’s behavior and mood. It controls everything that a human does and that is why it is so big in dealing with the disease of depression. In the past twenty years biopsychiatry has gradually but steadily increased its influence (Dowling 22). That means that scientists have improved their knowledge on how the brain effects mood changes. They study how these mood disorders have stemmed from certain chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that helps relay messages from one part of the brain to another (22). It is also possible to acquire depression by something that has affected your life in a negative way such as, chronic illness, family crisis, personal loss, and problems at home, work, or school (“What is Depression?”). Scientists take plenty of time to research the brain to try to learn more about the causes of depression and what happens when a person has depression.
Depression is a disease that can show itself in many different forms. It affects a person's thoughts, outlook, and behavior as well as mood (“Depression Teen’s Health”). The symptoms can be slight,...

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