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Dermatology Essay

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This essay will start by covering several facts about the functions, layers, skin appendages, and cells found in the human skin. Then it will discuss how the skin is altered in the diseased state and several different signs that give indication of the skin being in the diseased state. Next the essay will cover symptoms associated with acne vulgaris. Lastly it will go over treatments for acne vulgaris which include diet and/or medicines.

The functions, layers, skin appendages, and cells found in the skin.

Balaban and Bobick (2008) state that skin has several different functions and that these functions are significant. The outer skin cells are lifeless and keratinized which makes the skin ...view middle of the document...

Some examples of diseased skin would be cutaneous carcinomas and cutaneous melanomas. Balaban and Bobick (2008) stated that, “Cutaneous carcinomas (basal cell and squamous cell) are the most common type of skin cancer” (p. 48). Balaban and Bobick (2008) also discuss how cutaneous carcinomas can be observed on the skin as flat or raised and develop from hard, dry growths that have reddish bases. Melanomas range in color from brown to black as well as grey to blue and are often not smooth and are usually bumpy. Another type of skin disease is acne vulgaris.

The symptoms associated with acne vulgaris.

Acne vulgaris is defined by Rycroft , Robertson , Wakelin (2010) as “A common inflammatory disorder of the pilo-sebaceous unit characterized by excessive production of sebum and the presence of comedones, papules, and cysts” (p.76). Most cases happen to people between the ages of 14 and 19, but can happen to adults as well. The skin will have a shiny an appearance due to the increased sebum production. Other symptoms besides the shiny skin include; comedonal lesions, inflammatory lesions, deep nodules and cysts. Acne conglobata could show symptoms such as malaise, fever, and arthralgia. The good news about acne vulgaris is that there are treatments for it.

The treatments for acne vulgaris.

There are many over the counter products sold to help treat acne, but you could turn to your diet as well. Research has found that one’s diet provokes an endocrine response that simultaneously promotes unregulated tissue growth and enhanced androgen synthesis (Cordain, Lindeberg, Hurtado, Hill, Eaton, Brand-Miller, 2002). Hyperinsulinemic diets may represent an earlier unrecognized environmental element in the development of acne through their influence on follicular epithelial growth and keratinization and on androgen-mediated sebum secretion (Cordain, Lindeberg, Hurtado, Hill, Eaton, Brand-Miller, 2002). If a change in diet is out of the question then one could use topical retinoids, kera-tolytics, or antibiotics for mild...

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