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Describe A Challenge You Have Overcome In Your Life.

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Time and tide passes by and the day of reckon always draws closer and closer. The day that one proves to the whole world what he is capable of achieving in life. Revising and the deciphering of questions that one had been taught both present and past becomes the act of the day. For everyone knew the consequences that came with not making those required grades A’s and in a consideration manner B’s. I found it very difficult to make those grades A’s and as a matter of fact, that was a major challenge I encountered.
It all started, when the duration reduced to about two months. Each and every student realized the need to study and prepare very well for the final exam. Out of fear and anxiety I decided to put in all my possible efforts within the few days to attain the level I really wanted to be.
Sooner did I know, the days drew closer and the exam that tested our competence was due. Each and every individual had to be paid in his own coin. The exam started and my aspirations were high, for I knew the extent to which I was to perform. From a personal point of view, I thought I tackled each and every set of questions in those papers profoundly and expected nothing less than an “A”. Just like how it takes a while for a rocket to move from the earth to space so did the days of this exams week, and suddenly I realized that I was writing my final paper. What my colleagues and I had dreamt of some years back was to be experienced within a few hours. “Yes!” we were graduating out of basic school; the battle that we had to fight after several days of intensive teaching without leaving any stone unturned was over. And the question that engulfed my sub conscience mind was “had we all fought a good cause?” A question I never knew the answer to, but probably was to be determined within a given period of time. Even though.
Some months after graduation, I heard on the radio waves that the results had been released and that students who participated in the exam were to get to their designated basic schools for them. The day we were suppose to go for the result, I got to my school as early as possible in order to be amongst the first group of people who were to be...

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