Describe A Manager That You Worked For That Does Not Exhibit The Qualities Of A Leader.

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Affective leader requires having a balance of his knowledge on how to lead and how to manage a group of people. He should also attain a balanced combination of leadership and managerial functions such as: planning, organizing, directing and controlling. This required balanced will certainly make the manager an affective leader whereby he can attain motivating influence towards his followers or group members. However it is still difficult to say that this manager is ineffective leader due to his common role within the certain group. On one hand, some might receive bad impression from his boss or manager just because of one personal perception that would therefore, scatters only the negative points about that manager to others.The manager, on the other hand, might not have sufficient resources or tools to base or process his managerial role or decision making at that specific situation. As such, it's hard to judge that this manager is an infective leader because he failed to motivate his followers toward that specific goal.That could be also because there are certain weakness points at any individual acting or exercising his leadership role toward incompatible followers or he was unlucky to process his leadership roles here due to ,for example , insufficient information flow or unexpected bad events. This point might be important to mention so to argue with skeptics that they should not react negatively or get the bad impression (stereotype style) from their manger just because of one single leadership mistake or one situation.However, for the sake of this essay I would chose to select my current Captain who does not exhibit some important leadership qualities. He is the type that never sleeps when we are under operation as he doubts our abilities as officers to take charge of the ship when he is absent. I can tell that when I'm in charge every hour or so he calls me ask for updates knowing that there is nothing much to tell him. Even though, he jump up and down when something goes wrong and try to find someone to blame.Basically, he has all the signs of micromanagement whereby he prefer to do things by him self, and as micromanagers do ''resist delegating, start by correcting tiny details instead of looking at the big picture, take back delegated work before it is finished if he finds a mistake in it'' and most importantly, never ''discourage others from making decisions without consulting him'' (Arlene, 2008).I might excuse our Captain for his cautions and vigilance as because our working environment is highly dangerous and the entire burden and responsibly is on his shoulder. However, it is to say that I have no objection with that but I would think that he lacks some managerial tools that have caused failure in bringing out the concept out in the open. Other than the signs of micromanagement, I think my Captain is failing to chain the right followers whom can participate or forecasting the decision making process. This is because whenever a...

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