Describe A Moment That Has Affected You....."Walking Away"

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Walking AwayOver the years, my relationship with my father has evolved. From as far back as I can remember, I've known him: From as far back as I know, I've depended on him. I could always run back to him if I needed to. But I grew up. And after a bitter quarrel, I stopped running to him and began to walk away. He was a caregiver and a friend. Today he's an enemy. I'm still trying to figure how it all changed. I did notice however, that the bickering began once she had left. I try to speak of her without bias but I really can't. She was an evil demon wench who also happened to be my stepmother. Her and my dad would argue over the most trivial matters, then she'd leave, then she'd call then she'd come back, and it would start all over again. I loved not having her around but I hated to see my dad when she was gone. He ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately, I was probably the only one who realized how much he was really going through. Every once in a while his pain manifested into more aggressive behavior. Without the object of his hurt to take it out on, he, wrongly, chose others to pick on.My dad could get upset about anything. It's actually quite a talent. It could be a perfect sunny afternoon and he sits inside complaining about the weather. His drunkenness would amplify this anomaly.After another of his many nights at the local bar, the drunken monster staggered through the doorway with an evil look in his eye. I knew there would be trouble but I wasn't prepared for the severity of the argument that was in the making.With an inhuman grunting sound, He beckoned me to the kitchen. Me being the naive child that I was I strolled into my own doom.A blast of curses and condemnations greeted me at the doorway. As he slurred and rambled, I stood in awkward silence not knowing what to say. As the yelling progressed, he grew frustrated by my lack of emotion. My attempt to diffuse the situation had backfired and my passiveness spurred more erratic behavior from the crackling monster.As in any argument with my dad, drunk or sober, it eventually led to violence.With lightning quickness, he shoved me into the wall and held me there. Now inches from my face, I could feel the spray from his mouth as he continued to bark out obscenities. I stood there, pinned, for what seemed like hours thinking of the pain I could cause him once I escaped from his clutches. I stopped interpreting his words, and strangely, I felt relaxed. I thought of only how great it would be once I got out on my own and didn't have to deal with his drama.After he wore himself out, I was no longer angry. I actually felt relaxed and clear minded. Soon after, I went to bed. The next morning I decided that the only way I could avoid further incidents was to leave. Therefore, I did.I haven't looked back since.

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