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Describe A Situation In Which Someone Might Be Ostracized

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Describe a situation in which an individual might be ostracized from family, friends, a specific segment of the society, or the society at large. What would it take? What would happen? What are the possibilities for reconciliation?Throughout history, ostracization has been used to punish the rule-breakers, the rebels, the un-lawful. The concept of ostracization has survived for over two thousand years, yet the premise has remained the same, to strip a person's social status in the community and push that person away. Today, it is increasingly ...view middle of the document...

Kobe Bryant is a recent example of the effect sexual offenses have the public. He has not yet been convicted of any crime, yet his sponsors, his employers, even his friends are beginning to distance themselves from him. Multiple sponsors have terminated the contracts with Kobe. Major corporations cannot afford to associate with rapists. The public reaction to sex crimes is often greater than the response to murder. Michael Jackson is a prime example of the public's reaction to sex offenders. Hundreds of people have openly expressed outrage at what Michael did, yet few have spoken about the most recent murder in Minneapolis. The Michael Jackson story took precedent before the murder story, claiming the front page on most major newspapers. This is not the first time Michael has been accused of this type of offense. Now, mention Michael Jackson, and the first word the springs to the mind of most people is pedophile, or pervert. Yet, has Michael Jackson been convicted of any crime yet? Has he been proven to have committed a crime? No. Michael has zero chance of reconciliation with society. In prison, it is said that the child rapists are specifically targeted by the other inmates. There is a definite hatred of sex offenders in America today, and frankly, I don't mind one bit.

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