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Describe An Important Idea In Macbeth And Explain How The Author Communicates This Idea

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In Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the author is communicates very strong and important ideas about ambition. He communicates this idea through the protagonist of the play, Macbeth. Shakespeare communicates ambition through the actions of the main character and through the thoughts of this infamous character.Ambition is an important idea in Macbeth. Ambition is both good and bad. In Macbeth, ambition is more vividly expressed as a dark and evil trait shown by Macbeth but it is also communicated subtlety as an honourable trait. Macbeth is one of the greatest and most respected generals in King Duncan's army. He got to his position of respect and honor because he was ambitious, this is the only part of the play where Macbeths ambition as seen as good. After the witches' prophecy, Macbeth's ambition is only seen as evil and deceitful this has significantly changed from how ambition was portrayed by the same character earlier. The author is trying to show that ambition is both good and bad and that people need to realize when their ambition is not good so that they change and don't follow in the footsteps of Macbeth because in the end dark ambition will lead to death as it did Macbeth in the play Macbeth.Before the witches' prophecy Macbeth's ambition is shown to be good. The important idea of ambition is portrayed as good and healthy. Macbeth became the respected general because of his ambition. He wanted to be a great leader and his ambition drove him to that. And People loved him for it. Duncan described Macbeth after the commander's account on the battle field with the words: 'Oh, valiant cousin, worth gentleman'. Macbeth's ambition at this point was under control. He didn't kill his own blood while they slept, did not plot against the crown. He was honorable. He only wanted what was best for Scotland and was a loyal soldier. Shakespeare communicates good, healthy ambition through Macbeth when he is commended on his efforts of protecting Scotland from its enemies. Macbeth was honored when King Duncan bestowed on him the title of "Thane of Cawdor" because Duncan trusted Macbeth and this was because his ambition was healthy.Ambition after the witches' prophecy, the crucial idea of ambition is only displayed by Macbeth as a negative trait. The thought of being king as foretold by the prophecy was too much for Macbeth's inner evil ambition and he could no longer contain it. Macbeth drifted into this evil and Shakespeare portrayed how evil this ambition was, in Act one Scene Seven. Macbeth is pondering whether to kill Duncan and over the course we discover that Macbeth is more concerned with getting caught that the murder of his own family. Macbeth acknowledges that his ambition is dark and uses it as an excuse to kill Duncan. "To prick the sides of my intent, but only Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself And falls on th' other." This shows that Macbeth is using his ambition as an excuse to do unlawful and unethical things. Shakespeare uses...

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