Describe And Evaluate Bowlbys Theory In Relation To Maternal Deprivation As Psychology Essay

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Describe and evaluate Bowlby’s theory of maternal deprivation (12 marks)
Point 1 Maternal deprivation
· Separation versus Deprivation
· Separation is when the child isn’t in the presence of the primary attachment figure, this only becomes a problem if a child is then deprived e.g. lose an element of her care
· Brief separations aren’t significant however extended separations can lead to deprivation which causes harm
· Critical period
· Bowlby saw first two years of your life as the critical period for psychological development
· If separated from their mother for an extended period of time during critical period, psychological damage is inevitable
· Effects on development
· Intellectual development
· If deprived for too long during critical period they would suffer retardation – low IQ shown in Goldfarbs study, children raised in institutions had lower IQ than those who hadn’t
· Emotional development
· Bowlby identified affectionless psychopathy as the inability to experience guilt or strong emotion for others
· This prevents the person developing normal relationships and is associated with criminality
Point 2 Bowlby’s 44 thieves study
· Examined the link between affectionless psychopathy and maternal deprivation
· Procedure
· 44 criminal teenagers accused of stealing
· All ‘thieves’ were interviewed for signs of affectionless psychopathy characterised as a lack of affection, lack of guilt about their reactions and lack of empathy for their victims
· Families were also interviewed to see if they’d had prolonged separations from their children (thieves)
· Control group – non criminal but emotionally disturbed young people was set up to see how often maternal deprivation occurred in...

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