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'describe And Explain The Essential Features Of Infant And Believer's Baptism,' (A Gcse Coursework Question)

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Infant baptism is the baptism of practices that baptize infants as well as adults, whereas believers' baptism is the baptism of practices that only baptize from the age of 18 or 16.Both the different types of Baptism share the four symbols of baptism, water, oil, a candle and a white garment. However they are not all used in the same way. The Roman Catholics who practise infant baptism, sprinkle water on the infant's heads three times, whereas another Group who practises infant baptism is the Christian Orthodox Church, and they are fully immersed three times in the font. In believer's baptism, the Baptists fully immerse their adults in a pool in the church, whereas the Pentecosts fully immerse their adults in a river. Water is the most important symbol in baptism and it has more than one meaning. It is used as a symbol of cleansing people of ...view middle of the document...

The first is before baptism with the oil of catechumens, and the second is after baptism with the oil of chrism. The anointing with the oil of chrism symbolizes the taking on of Christ. The word 'Christ' means 'the anointed one' so Christians are the anointed ones. As we are anointed, we are joining Christ and other Christians in the commission, which involves preaching the Gospel, casting out evil spirits and healing the sick.A candle is given to the parents/sponsors who light it from the paschal candle. The candle symbolises light, as Jesus is the light of the World. He lights up the path for everyone who believes in him. The parents/sponsors hold a candle to show that the person being baptised is joining God's Kingdom and is going to walk in the footsteps of Jesus who will guide them. They also show that they can be a light like Jesus for other Christians.A feature of both types of baptism is godparents or sponsors. These are necessary for the benefit of the person being baptised. They duties include; to pass on the teachings of the church, encourage the person to attend church regularly, teach them about God and how to worship him and teach them how to pray. For godparents who support infants, they should also make sure they grow up in a Christian environment, make sure the parents are carrying out the same duties, and encourage the child to be confirmed when they are older. There are also special signs in baptism and the main one is the Sign of the Cross. When it is made it is identifying with Jesus in his passion and resurrection, as in baptism Christians die to sin and rise again to life. When the words are said, it is to remember what God has done for us: The Father has created us, and everything around us and we are created in God's likeness. The Son has lived among us, showing us the way, the truth, and the life and he has died for us. And the Holy Spirit is alive and inside us to help guide us in our life.

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