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Describe And Explore Patterns Of Achievement In Society University Essay

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Describe and explore patterns of absolute and relative achievement in education.
This essay will explore the patterns of absolute and relative achievements in education. In this essay, I will explore the patterns of gender, ethnicity and class. Firstly, I will describe what absolute achievement and relative achievement is. Then I will explain the meaning of what equality of opportunity and a meritocratic society is in education and moving forward I will then explore if absolute and relative achievements are equal of opportunity or part of a meritocratic society. Finally, the essay will conclude with a short summary of what the statistics show about the education system overall.
Absolute achievement is statistics that shows only one group over time. For example, government statistics of students achieving in universities shows that around 45% of students attend university now than they did 30 years ago. This shows that society has become meritocratic and is progressing as the education system goes on. On the other hand, relative achievement is statistics that compare more than one group with each other. It questions the absolute achievements statistic as to why there may be a difference in the education of gender, class and ethnicity. A meritocratic society in education is the belief that children are rewarded and graded regarding their personal capability and not upon their class and status. It is believed that rewards always given to the best performer and not due to their wealth. This links in with equality of opportunity where everyone is treated fairly and with the same perspective. No one is treated with more respect if there are from a higher background than someone from a working-class background.
Absolute achievement is statistics that shows one group over time. The figures from the website show how many boys and girls are achieving 5 and more GSCE's A*- C’s. within the last 25 years the figure has risen. Since 1990 till 2016 the amount of student achieving 5 and more GSCE's A*-C nationally in all English schools has doubled from 34.5%-64.9%. The graph across shows the figures of how good girls and boys do at GSCE nationally and this show that more students are studying and gaining qualification than they were 25 years ago as they enjoy and have an interest in what they study. 
Ethnicity has a major role in the education section. Ethnicity is what cultural background you come from. It is what religious beliefs, languages and area you come from. GSCE’s based on ethnicity shows that many groups achieve well and poor. The graph from the Department of Education (D. of. E) First Statistical Release from 2013-2014 shows the figures of ethnicity groups that were achieving highly in the league tables in England. The figures show that the ethnicity affects our education and which ethnic minority group needs to study harder and move up. The graph across shows that Chinese pupils are the highest achieving ethnic...

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