Define Economic Globalization And Describe Its Consequences To Developing Countries In Terms Of Trade And Investment.

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Define economic globalization and describe its consequences to developing countries in terms of trade and investment. Your answer should integrate the reaction of your country to the issues of economic globalization. (about 800 words).Introduction:-Probably the most important aspects of globalization is the economical one, in this report economic globalization will be define with the discussion of the nature and the limits of economic globalization, with the volume of trade and level of exchange between countries and the amount by which they have increased, furthermore, some more things.Main body:-Economic globalization expresses the economic activity in term of interdependence and integration between economies and economic activity; it can be defined as the process by which markets and production in different countries are becoming increasingly interdependent due to the dynamics of trade in goods and services and flows of capital and technology. In this field there have been many undeniable benefits. Globalization has eliminated many economical obstacles that made trade difficult in the past. Free trade and free markets are the crucibles of the global economy and this, even if strongly criticized by many, has an important benefit for both, producers and consumers: the reduction of costs.(1) Held (2003, p.92-94).Globalization can affect our personal perception as it changes, because it include the technological development, diplomatic relation, criminal activity and military adventure, also the economic, culture and political ones. There is debate about globalization split into three different position, first one is globalist and they see it as a positive trend because of the possibility for the market to increase the economy of scale and allocate efficiency, and they claim that there are international trades and investments. They think and advocate by economic neo-liberals and condemned by neo-Marxists.Second position is traditionalist which advocates alternative view of the international economy and it governance because the growth of interdependency and integrated economies under the authorization of economic management. Third position is transformationalist, which are sweeping the intense of interdependence and integration by new form in patterns of (enmeshment) and (marginalization).(2) Held (2003, p.88-91).There are some evidences that can be mention to prove the level and volume of trade and exchange across countries boundaries, for instance; in the culture phenomena, most of us admire some characters let say like Nelson Mandela or Barak Obama and we feel very close to them than our neighborhood or how much Hollywood affects our behaviors. Also in economic phenomena we observe the huge number of migration in all countries, furthermore good evidence is the financial problem which we are in line with it which the root for it starts from united state and it reach my country and community.(3) Held (2003, p.26-27).Regarding...

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