Describe How Analogue To Digital Will Affect The System From A Technological Point Of View, And Discuss More Widely How Society Might Be Affected By These Changes.

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It has been claimed that 'television has altered our world. In the same way people often speak of a new world, a new society, a new phrase of history, being created- 'brought about'- by this new technology' . Television wowed society when it was originally created as for the first time we were able to enjoy visual entertainment in the confinements of our own homes. At that time television only displayed two channels and transmitted simply to surrounding regions. Comparatively, in the last century we have seen the shift to broadcasting all over the world displaying hundreds of channels. The development from an analogue to a digital production has been dramatic; however have these changes initiated a detrimental effect on society, producing individuals ruled by our television screens?Television was released in 1936; however, due to its extortionate cost the use was only minimal. Advancements continued to improve the television and in the 1950's 'a network of transmitters meant that the majority of the population had access to TV broadcasts' . During that time television was under analogue production. This meant 'the character of the carrier wave (amplitude or frequency) changes in sympathy with the information signal. Analogue operation embodies a simplistic usage system and therefore can result in blurred television images or muffled sounds. Currently in the UK analogue TV has not become obsolete; 99.5% of the UK can still receive four main terrestrial channels with a higher level of reception.Yet the focus of television has moved away from analogue use. 'With the new forms of delivery by satellite and cable, the vast increase on the number of channels promised (or threatened) by digital production … only recently has the technology of television begun to attract new attention'The introduction of digital technology not only led to a surge in channels but a much clearer and precise picture and sound. For one to have a digital television, or satellite and cable, requires a set top box. Satellite television shifted from analogue to digital in 2001. Satellite has greater advantages by being digitally broadcasted. No longer is the satellite spot beamed from area to area, rather it receives a TV transmission from earth and then dispatches it over a wide region. As soon as the satellite is launched it is able to deliver full coverage, unlike the lengthy process of terrestrial and cable.Cable television works differently to Satellite; the signal is not transmitted from space, it is broadcasted via a physical connection dug underground. The number of cable companies in production has diminished though, as this...

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