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• Describe In Detail What Is Meant By The Term “Service Oriented Architecture” And Discuss What Challenges It Presents To A Systems Developer

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Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is modularizing an application into small manageable modules that are independent, reusable, loosely coupled with clearly defined function and standard interfaces/protocols.

Traditional Enterprise applications that are monolithic and self contained, hardly have any reusable components. If they do have, those components are mere libraries that may or may not be independent in nature. This increases the possibility of implementing similar functionalities across applications, increasing the development effort, code duplication, maintenance and are hard to change. Since these applications are monolithic in nature, it is difficult for them to scale; for ...view middle of the document...

To give a simple overview, consider a scenario where an organization having multiple applications, that on completion of a process or an event, notifies the end user via email, SMS and the like. Instead of building this functionality within each application, it can be built as one single service, capable of consuming messages from other services via multiple pre-defined interfaces and send the notification to the end user using the desired protocol and provide the status back to the calling service. This service can be scaled fairly easily and if need be, can also implement new communication channels

Although, SOA comes with a huge array of benefits there can be some challenges. It requires organizations to invest in this design principle and requires cultural change. “An SOA initiative requires agreement on issues of ownership, responsibility, process and measurement that cross departmental and organization boundaries.” (Enabling SOA through organizational change and governance. Page 6)...

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