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Describe One Problem Associated With Urbanisation And Evaluate The Strengths And Weaknesses Of At Least Two Possible Solutions

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Travelling places to places in a short period of time is no longer an empty talk nowadays. With the rapid development of transportation, people are difficult to get rid of transports as they derive us speed and convenience. Meyer, Kain and Wohl pointed out World War2 almost completely halted the construction of urban facilities of both private and public vehicles. It led to an all-time high in the use of transit. (J.R. Meyer, J.F. Kain, M. Wohl, 1965) they also cited that as demand for transit keep on increasing, the United States started to promote the highway facility. Out of their expectation, the demand for highway service increase rapidly which even cover the passengers who take cars. ...view middle of the document...

Arriva Trains Wales' community manager, Mr Larry Davies quoted that the re-opening of the Arriva Trains Wales would definitely be a good connection and brings awesome benefit in both economic and tourism to Britain. (The BBC news, 27 March 2013) From this, we can see not only in the past few decades, even in recent years, transportation is still taking an important role in boosting tourism and economy to a country. ‘Tourism brings a wider range of social and cultural benefits and costs than other export industries,’ cited Hall. (Hall, 1993) Unlike the old days, people are easier to travel places to places, even foreign places from abroad. A government website states that religion development can be raise by tourism as modern transport shorten people’s distance and bring people together. With the increase communication among people, it provides opportunities for people from different places to exchange their culture and religion. (The Social & Cultural Impacts of Tourism, 2014)
As nothing is perfect, the main problem that transportations bring to us is air pollution which may threaten the health of the citizens. The diesel oil is also being considered as not environmentally friendly. Sharp claimed the outstripped developments in the techniques of transportation have created a number of very difficult problems in pollutions. (Clifford S., 1965) With the biggest shake-up railway network, the BBC news (10 April 2014) reported that lung cancer is the most common illness in Wales. Dr. Dyfed Wyn Huws, the director of Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit (WCISU) said not only smoking is the main risk of getting lung cancer but also air pollution, especially the exhausted gas comes from transports. (The BBC news, 10 April 2014) Apart from causing health problem, many green organisations argue against the environmentally friendly problem of the transports as they think diesel oil and petrol oil are causing harm to the environment. In order to reduce the problems caused, governments in different places start to set policies and laws to restrict the drivers, some countries even try to promote magnetic cars. Although the solutions may help to reduce the problem in some degree, there is still long way to go for fully solving the problem and not everyone are satisfied with the solution used.
With the serious air pollution problem, World Health Organization (WHO) states that the transportation need to take the responsibility of around 70% in the urban outdoor air pollution. In this case, government should start to implement a set of long term program and policies to aim at reducing air pollution and to improve health, as the government organizations are playing an important leading role in this sector. (Public Health and Environment, 2014) They also mention each country’s solution for air pollution differs, and it is depends on its development and the geography. In order to deal with this, WHO has collected a set of database which is offered to the...

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