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Describe The 5 Sace Capabilities And How You Personify Certain Aspects Of Each, And Then Evaluate How You Can Improve Your Performance In Each Cap

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As a Year 10 student, planning on my personal and learning goals is crucial as the next few years are very important for my future. The Personal Learning Plan guides me to identify 5 SACE Capabilities – Communication, Citizenship, Personal Development, Work and Learning. They are essential guidelines for me to achieve better outcomes not only academically, but also in various life aspects.
Firstly, communication is a vital capability that everyone should develop – a process of exchanging information by speaking, writing, or online communication which has advanced to a great extent in this era. A well-developed aspect of communication is that it enables people to share information, make ...view middle of the document...

I joined the Ambassador Club this year which earned me a valuable experience to organise fundraising events. I should improve my physical involvement in sporting and recreational activities. Consequently, I plan to practise tennis with my brother as well as going for a walk in the park on weekends.
Students can strengthen their personal development capability by exploring self-awareness of their own progress, for example, finding a balance between work and leisure events. Moreover, this is also about identifying and building up study skills, organisation, time management, and health concerns. I consider myself progressing quite well in this area as I record work in electronic diaries, thus my assignments are well-planned. However, I think I can improve further in my time management so there is more time for me to engage in physical and leisure activities. I will make use of free time to do lesson preparations and revision after completing homework. Then again, I need to demonstrate persistence and avoid procrastination when studying. Besides, my aim is to go to bed early (before 10.30pm) every night in order to maintain my mental and physical well-being.
To work is to contribute mental or physical effort with the purpose of achieving an outcome or accomplishment. This can mean getting a part-time or full-time job, or just solely undertaking a task. By doing work, it enables us to gain knowledge, experience, significant life skills like time management, and earn a reward in return (in most cases, money). Additionally, doing work enables us to have rewarding accomplishments in life, as well as leading us to our chosen career pathways. In my opinion, the work experience...

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