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Describe The Art Making Practices Of Imants Tillers. Discuss Specific Artworks To Support Your Decision.

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Lucy Gardoll

Describe the art making practices of Imants Tillers. Discuss specific artworks to support your decision.

Imants Tiller is an Australian artist, curator and writer. He was born and lives in New South Wales and since the 1960s his art has been exhibited widely. Tiller's life experience, struggle and diversity have lead to artworks of great insight and meaning. His inspiration has come from the battles he has faced as an individual and often the struggle of others. Exploring experiences in the lives of others means Tiller enjoys collecting from the ideas of others and appropriates other artworks indentifying him as "a quintessential postmodern artist." Categories that influence and define Tiller's art making practices include displacement, pastiche, appropriation, deconstruction and other physical features that brand his works.

One artwork by Imants Tillers is Hiatus, constructed in 1987. This work can be found in the Auckland Art Gallery and is an oil stick work with gouache and synthetic polymer paint on 190 canvas boards. This work typifies the art making practices of Imants Tillers and is a useful example to demonstrates Tillers postmodern approach.

One art making practice used in Tillers Hiatus is displacement. Displacement refers to moving something from its natural environment. Tillers does this in this work, as he unites two works together, Milford Sound with Pembroke Peak and Bower Falls on the west coast of Middle Island, New Zealand by Eugene von Guerard and Victory over death 2 by Colin McCahon. The displacement of the two works results in an insightful artwork that "poses questions rather than presenting fixed certainties". It gives a deeper meaning to the art and challenges previous conceptions.

Hiatus is also "a work that mixes styles or copies the style of another artist," which is referred to as pastiche. Imants Tillers juxtaposes these two works and therefore creates a "dramatic synthesis of text and landscape." These artworks are very different and contrast between light and dark, landscape and text and place and self, but the combination of these two artworks and the mixing of the two styles is a deliberate and intelligently constructed tribute to other writers, not an indication of lack of originality as some would argue. Pastiche is extremely common to postmodern artworks and is evident in a number of Tillers...

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