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'describe The Challenges Facing The Liberal Regime In Italy Between 1870 1915' This Essay Is About The The Challenges That The Liberal Regime Faced In Italy Between 1870 1915.

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The word 'Liberal' has many different definitions which can relate to many different issues, in the Britannica Encyclopaedia 2001 the political definition is:"Liberalism is not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy or traditions, it is favourable to progress or reform as in political or religious affairs and favouring of permitting freedom of action, especially with the respect to matters of personal beliefs or expressions of or pertaining to representational forms of government rather than Aristocracies and Monarchy".In 1870 the unification of Italy led to the new Italian state becoming a Constitutional Monarchy. The meaning of the constitutional monarchy was that the king, Victor Emmanuel II, could appoint and dismiss and dismiss the Prime Minister and the other ministers, but a government could only survive if it commanded a majority in parliament. The one major hiccup about this sort of constitutional monarchy was the fact that the king had the power to become a dictator at any even time.Even though the liberals were head of state they were not a close knit party and were less disciplined, but the one thing they had in common was that they all came from similar background and shared certain beliefs. Most of the m came from small professional middleclass background consisting of Lawyers, Doctors and University lecturers, some of them were also entrepreneurs and land owners who believed passionately in the unification of Italy.The problems that were facing the liberal regime were mostly political and economical.The liberal leaders felt that ordinary Italians lacked any sense of nationalism.Only 50% of adult male had the vote but many refused, this lead to the electoral base being very small. The other problem facing the liberals was that the great majority of the Italians could not speak Italian as they spoke dialect which were virtually unintelligible outside their local area. 70% of the population were illiterate and so the Italians found it difficult to identify with the new state and 'throw away the legacy of centuries of internal division and localism'.The historian Luigi Blanchi stated about this situation:"The patriotism of the Italians is like that of the ancient Greeks and is the love of a single town, not of a country; it is the feeling of a tribe, not of a nation. Only by foreign conquest have ever been united Leave them to themselves and they split into fragments"In this statement what Luigi Blanchi is saying is that the Italian people do not like the idea of a big nation but they would rather have single towns and tribes where they feel as though they are part of the society.The liberal regime was not just faced by problems; it also had some good effects on the Italian economy. Some regions own laws .i.e. taxes, Currency, weights and measures and custom barriers were swept away and this helped the economic growth in the long term, but this was not good news for all the Italian people as many Italians were unsettled by these abrupt...

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